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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

An empty nest, huzzah!

It’s finally happening, my friends.

I am kicked back, on the lounge.  Laptop in position, coffee in hand.

There is nothing but the sweet sound of silence.

And the keyboard tapping.

And the washing machine.

But that’s beside the point.

There are no warring twins.

No whining Miss7, utterly distraught over the fact that Miss4 is beheading all her Barbies.

No Mstr4 coming to query “Hey Mummy, what’s your name?” every few minutes, with finger firmly wedged in nostril.

It’s just me, the laptop, my hot coffee, and the washing machine.

Let's just pretend that my home made coffee looks like this

Yeah, that's right....a steaming hot coffee - no milk skin on top, no stone cold faux ice coffee. No consumption interruptions.

School’s back

Not only that, the Twin Tornado have finally donned their uniforms and commenced their scholarly years.

That's right - for 2.5 days a week, I have the entire Feral Threesome in someone else's care, free of charge - being educated no less!

It’s bloody fantastic

While other mothers shed a tear over their little darlings starting Kindergarten, I nudged mine in the door, and by the time I turned around to say goodbye, they were already playing and creating a posse with a few other kids they already know.

I yelled out my goodbyes.  Mstr4 blanked me, Miss4 glanced up and rolled her eyes before returning to her puzzle.

Now on to the important tasks that I’ve been unable to focus on for the past 7 years of having at least one, two or three kids at home every day….

Which Real Housewives of all the world should I watch today?


  1. LOL - I only had one and I went back to work when she was 4 weeks old but I didn't shed a tear either (and never quite got those who did !!!. So refreshing to hear someone else say they were happy for their children to go to school - sometimes I feel like the worst mom on earth !!!
    Have the best day and ENJOY the silence !

    1. I know what you mean - my first was 6 weeks old when she came back to work with me on an army base. As soon as I could, I then offloaded her to daycare and continued working without attached child. There's been zero separation anxiety here!

  2. Mine are at uni now and they don't go back till the end of this month. I will not be crying.

    PS - you're not the worst mother in the world. Those other mothers are the crazy ones. They're the ones who listen to the grade 3 beginner violin ensemble and gush about how brilliant it was when all you heard was a cacophony. Enjoy your little bit of me time.

    1. I sincerely hope one of mine makes it to uni. I'll even put up with the extended Christmas/Summer holidays in return for an academically gifted child.

  3. Vancouver. Bet you haven't seen them.

    Also, now your life will move at a rate of knots... seriously. Before you know it it will be Christmas and all of those plans you had for when the kids were are school I LAUGH MY ARSE OFF AT YOU FOR MAKING PLANS.

    And then they are graduating high school and you are all what the hell happened here?

    1. I have not seen Vancouver. You mean Australia isn't the first international franchies they've considered? Colour me shocked and somewhat inexplicably offended.

      Graduating? Oh god I hope so. Fingers crossed. ;-)

  4. I do homeschooling, so please have a coffee (hot one) or two for me!!!
    When we did send ours to school, I was crying with our last one going, but happy the others went :)
    The only thing I do miss (now days) is "Me" time. Oh and we don't have a TV, so can't help with which show to watch.

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