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Monday, February 4, 2013

Covering school books AKA the #1 reason mothers drink

So I was considering sending the kids to school with uncovered books.

Contact is evil incarnate.

That shit never ever sticks properly without bubbling.


After the previous 2 years of screaming, whining, tears and tantrums (all mine, while attempting to cover Miss7’s books in contact), I quit.  I gave up.  I wimped out.

I figured there must be other parents who send their kids' school books in the buff. 

And as the parent who bought them, I’m quite okay with a few dog eared text books here and there if it means I maintain that shred of sanity that is reserved for sourcing and covering school supplies.

But then I realised how it would totally make me look like the half arsed parent (yeah, because that's the only sole thing that would ever lead anyone to assume such a thing...), and I donned some camouflage (singlet) and prepared for battle. 

So I’m going to pour myself a big, fat, massive glass of wine and then I’m going in.

It’s like Man Vs Wild, only far more serious

Mother Vs Contact

Bring it...

Mother here will be muttering a number of phrases that feature the word “Motherfu….”

If I was a betting person (and I do love me a good game of bingo), I would put my money on the contact.


  1. Best of luck to you!! One day a smart person will invent already contacted school books.

    1. I know, right? How difficult is it to put the plastic coating on? I nearly wept with joy when I spotted scrap books at Officeworks that had an extra cover already built in. It was semi see-through plastic. PERFECT! Of course I waited politely while another mother swooped in and grabbed all but 2 of them....

  2. I dont bother with contact anymore. The foil ones NEVER stick to anything except itself, plus the when they're at school the scrap books usually get covered in some sort of artwork they've done.
    May you be in the favour of the vodka gods.....

    1. Ugh, I wish. In Miss7's previous 3 years, they never ever covered any of their books with artwork. We are told the books need to be covered before they're sent to school. On the plus side - I have found that Hello Kitty foil wrap is brilliant. Far easier than the other ones or the plain plastic contact. Score!

  3. I so hear you!! I have contacted far too many books over the years, so glad I never have to anymore - all the best with it. And maybe a bottle of wine or two will help the bubbles (on the books!!) look less than what they actually are :)

    1. I used to love it, back when I was a nimble-handed teen covering my own books (yeah, I know...strange). I even looked forward to it with the kids. But after the first 3 years doing Miss7's, I'm done. I'm finished. I'm over it. I've lost all my mad contacting skills with age, apparently.

  4. I was like 0.O when I started reading your post... And scream to death when I saw the image! LOL :D I really love posts like this, it's so much fun! :D Well then good luck to you lady! I hope you'll succeed! Hahaha.


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