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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

#Winning : BUPA Family Challenge

#1Nana has spoken extensively, what's new, and the winner of the BUPA Family Challenge $100 Visa Giftcard is....

For her multiple approaches to the challenge, including a food challenge, a family challenge, and - as she put it, an adult challenge - but I can totally think of another F-word for that one, in keeping with the alphabetical theme, heh.

As #1Nana put it....

"You include everybody and I think, "everything" *snigger*.  What a great challenge to include a new food type each day, to get the kids interested.  Makes them open minded to try things outside the square (or circle, or whatever shape)."

And she waffled on some more.  A lot more.  So I edited it down.

#1Nana's own BUPA Family Challenge efforts

My own 'outdoorsy' healthy moment was for my grandkids (because I'm a giver, and it's all about the grandkids and keeping their sticky fingers on the outside of my clean house).  I spent over 30 years nurturing a tree for them to climb when they come and visit.

It's a small tree, which they could climb in all of 30 seconds, to approximately 60cm off terra firma.  Because that's what we did when we were kids - we climbed trees, we made cubby houses in them.

They arrived for the long weekend, and I presented them with the front lawn tree as their personal climbing fort and cubby house.  All while silently congratulating myself on my brilliant grandparenting in not shoving a heap of cheap Bali kids DVD's at them instead.

One by one they all gave me the slitty eyed look and slunk away.

Don't even get me started on the mulberry tree out the back, also planted approximately 30 years in advance, in anticipation of their arrival and enjoyment.

They treat that one like it's sprouting broccoli or cyanide pills.

I blame their mother.


  1. Most of my childhood was spent up a mulberry tree scoffing green mulberries that my mother warned me would give me a stomach ache. They never did. Kids these days just don't know what they're missing out on.

  2. Like Mother, like daughter......


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