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Friday, March 22, 2013

FFS!? Friday : Random whining with a side of Easter

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I know exactly what you mean

My first FFS!? is for Tuesday’s encounter with a (clearly deluded and irrational) teenager. 

And another one for my first grey hair discovered soon after. FFS!? 

As a side effect of being so sick last November, my hair is in shit condition.  Falling out at an alarming rate, and incredibly dry and frizzy.  I’m told this will be the case for a good 6 months, on account of how sick I was.  FFS!? 

I know, I know, poor me – at least I still have hair.  Another FFS!? for my whiney bitch attitude.

I am currently being out-parented by Mstr4, FFS!? 

While I rant and rave, he calmly repeats the correct parenting phrases that he’s clearly heard from someone other than me. FFS!? 

The girls are listening to him and ignoring me. FFS!? 

On the plus side, at least I know there will be a capable parent in charge when I hit BlogHer13. No FFS!? 

I still have another 2 weeks in the sadistic surgical garment from hell. FFS!?

I will likely continue to walk like RoboCop for the rest of eternity, having become so accustomed to it on account of the sadistic constrictive surgical garment. FFS!? 

The little mini bastards that I love so much have once again found my secret chocolate stash. FFS!? 

I am out of ideas.  The only thing I can think of is to hide it in with the vegetables, since they’d never go there. FFS!? 

I nearly blew the Easter Bunny out of the water with Miss7, and it’s not even Easter yet. FFS!?

Miss4 is wise beyond her years, and I'm certain she'll blow the whole thing wide open before Easter anyway. FFS!? 

Luckily, I bought all the kids' Easter eggs weeks in advance, when they were on special, and hid them.  No FFS!?

*Someone* ate all the pre-purchased Easter eggs, and now I have to start all over again. FFS!? 


  1. I love being shown up by kids, not!!

    1. Same - but when it's in the interest of lightening my parenting load, I'll make an exception.

  2. Oh thank GOD for the out-parenting! I'm relying on my 5-yo to do it to the 4-yo when I just can't take her anymore. She steps in and calmly, reasonably, says we've had enough of her behaviour and she needs to do such and such. My hero!!
    (GUILT GUILT bad mum).

    1. I prefer to think of it as training our kids to be awesome parents in years to come!

  3. My Mum has just spent the last week out-parenting my kids while my husband and I got drunk at a concert. *Shyly raises hand and joins the out-parented group* Blogher? How awesome!

    1. My Mum is taking the kids, solo, while I surprise #1Hubby with a quick 4nts in Singapore for his 40th. Based on how they out-wit us every day, I hold grave concerns for my Mum....but it's about time she parented again, heh.

  4. Hide the chocolate with the "kids can't touch it" crap under the sink!

    1. Excellent idea! I gave it to my Mum to take back to her place. It is officially safe. Unless my Dad finds out about it, in which case it will be gone in all of 30 seconds.

  5. I love your FFS posts!! And yeah our kids know where all of our chocolate stash is kept...I reckon a Safe from bunnings is the only way to go!


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