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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I had a dream

So I had a dream last night.

One that did not involve the cast of Magic Mike

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featuring special guest star, Prison Break's Wentworth Miller.

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In fact, it was positively horrifying.

Instead of dreaming of the previously mentioned hotties, I was dreaming about shopping.

Shopping for a bag of split peas.

Shopping for a bag of split peas at a whitegoods wholesaler's warehouse annual super sale.

In my underwear.

Nothing but grey rinse elderly around me, not one of them noticing my inappropriate level of clothing.

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I have no clue what this means.

I woke up feeling dirty for all the wrong reasons.

I'm all kinds of disgusted and WTF?!

It is disturbing on so many levels.

That I would ever dedicate so much time and effort to split peas.

That I would ever be caught dead in my undies in public.  Because that's for Britney, no wait she doesn't wear any Lady Gaga.

That I would be at a whitegoods wholesaler's warehouse super sale, and not be elbowing a frail elderly type out of the way for the fancy stainless steel French door multi zone fridge/freezer combo that I've been coveting.

Admittedly, that even the elderly couldn't show a shred of interest in my semi-clad self.

Now I must go consume vast quantities of vodka to get over the shock.


  1. The elderly have such poor eyesight that often they don't even notice inappropriate levels of dress. Except for my mother who still thinks I should wear petticoats.She clearly wasn't in your dream. (She would hate me for referring to her as elderly but what she doesn't know can't hurt her).

  2. LOL - I know I shouldn't but I did !!! I agree with Char - their eyesight is so bad they probably didn't even realise you were in your undies !!
    Thanks for the pic of Wentworth Miller - haven't thought about him in yonks !!! Always good to be reminded of a 'nice' face !
    Have the best day (and remember to get dressed if you do go out)!

  3. Love it. You managed to insert a picture of shirtless hunks on the flimsiest of premises. Truly you are a woman after my own heart. A few nights ago I had a dream that I gave birth to four babies at once. This nightmare makes your shopping for split peas in your undies sound like heaven. I also recently had a dream which featured both Colin Firth and John Hamm but they kept their clothes on. What up with dat?

  4. gosh, imagine what a dream specialist would say about this one!! maybe you have to watch a good hot movie before going to bed?
    Or read a steamy romance novel?
    Or maybe drink more wine before sleep so that dreams like that don't happen again :)


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