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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Life's big questions according to The Feral Threesome

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I worked all of last week.  Spent my days being a bona fide grown up, sipping flat whites while covertly tooling around on Facebook between actual work duties.

The Feral Threesome were off being educated at school, the Twin Tornado socialising and being enriched (and, no doubt, parented in a superior manner) at Daycare on their non-kindergarten days.

We were all super psyched to be around each other when we got home each day.  That whole absence makes the heart grow fonder is completely accurate, for all of us.

It was a complete win-win situation for all involved.

But now it's back to normal.

Now I find myself once again spending the non-kindergarten days and every afternoon answering life's hard hitting questions :

Where does sand come from?

Can you eat it?

Do you poo it out like mud?

Are peas and broccoli brother and sister like us?

Why are peas green?

Why is broccoli yuck?

Why doesn't broccoli taste like chocolate?

Can we eat chocolate for dinner instead of broccoli?

Why not?

How much is moofteen?

How long is moofteen?

It is so a number.  Who made up the numbers and forgot moofteen?

Why do cats and dogs have 4 legs?

Why don't we have 4 legs?

Can I have brown eyes like you instead of blue eyes?

Why not?

Who chose my eyes?

Why doesn't Dora give us presents?

Can I have a dinosaur?

They're not all gone because I've seen them on TV.  Where are they hiding?

Do chickens eat eggs?

How come we never have baby chickens in our eggs?

Why can't I say fuck?

Why are they called shed words?

Can I say them if I go to the shed?

When am I going to be an adult?

Can we get a McDonalds?

Can we get a Hungry Jacks?

Why can't we have our own McDonalds and Hungry Jacks?

What if we said we'd live in them, can we get them then?

Can we drive to Bali?

Can we live there after school?

Can we get ABC2 in Bali?

Can we take my school to Bali so we can live there all the time?

This is just today's selection of hard hitting Q&A.

And you wonder why I'm so fond of wine and vodka....


  1. I'll bet some days your brain just aches by the time you get to bed. Mine hurts a little just from reading that.

    1. It truly does. No wonder I'm such a scatter brain sometimes (regularly), because my brain is all hurty on account of the random questions. And they keep asking like a broken record until they get an answer, so I can't even go with my usual method of dealing with irksome behaviour - ignoring it.

  2. I don't know if I could deal with that every day - it would drive me nuts !!! Well done on staying sane (even if it is with the help of wine and vodka) !
    Have the best week - so glad last week was so good for you.

    1. It totally drives me nuts. I'm well known around these parts as the crazy lady with the feral children.


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