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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Singapore Fine Dining - The White Rabbit

The post where we go all high class.

No, really. 

It's fitting that The White Rabbit is housed in a restored former British Army church, because the meal was a religious experience of sorts for #1Hubby and I.

This was the big one - his actual 40th birthday dinner.

I'd asked the Singapore Tourism Board to recommend somewhere nice, a little bit special.

They far exceeded my request, and I can't thank them enough for this special night out.

We were treated to The White Rabbit's 4 course Prix Fixe, with the restaurant providing an accompanying bottle of Mumm French Champagne for our special night.

I don't even know where to start.

#1Hubby is a fairly traditional 'blokey bloke' - he's shunned sushi because he fears being presented with raw meat or fish, despite my protests that there are other options.

And yet, I witnessed my 'blokey bloke' demolish sashimi grade tuna in what I can only assume was a delicious Salad Nicoise, on account of him not sharing one single morsel.  He then followed it up with Wagyu Carpaccio.  He still does not believe me when I tell him the beef was raw, such is the nature of a carpaccio.

He's such a heathen, right?

Whereas I, ever the sophisticate, may have covertly used my bread to ensure I had scraped up every single remnant of the Foie Gras Duet done two ways.  The seared lobe - worth a trip just to taste that again.

We argued over who would get the Beef Cheek Bourguignon.  Of course he played the "it's my 40th birthday dinner" card.  So juvenile....

When the waitress poured him a glass of red wine matched to accompany his beef, I was positively seething on the inside.

Of course that's not to say I missed out - I was actually loving the Grilled Atlantic Cod, but of course I didn't let him know that.  It would've totally ruined my martyr routine.  So, instead, I stoically sipped my Mumm (lest he get more of it than me).

Come dessert I snapped up the Chocolate Moelleux before he could even open his mouth.  So much oozing chocolately goodness.

#1Hubby had the Crepes Suzette, which were made at the table, including an explanation of the cooking process.

I particularly loved the part that, without the Grand Marnier, it was really just pancakes in orange juice.  Totally brought it down to our level of understanding! 

Dining at The White Rabbit is truly an experience.  It's not just a restaurant, far from it.

The staff were attentive and incredibly friendly.  They know their stuff.  From the history of the restaurant and the Dempsey Hill area, to the story behind each dish and its ingredients.  They knew which wines would best suit each dish, and I watched a number of staff prepare the signature Crepes Suzette with a flourish.

The service is phenomenal and friendly - the friendliness can sometimes be missing in fine dining establishments.  Not here.  Not once did I have to look for service.  And, most importantly, as someone whose usual definition of 'dining out' is a rushed meal at Sizzler with the kids - never did I ever feel uncomfortable or awkward in such a fine dining establishment. 

For one night, we were those people - the ones who dine at a first class restaurant.  Who enjoy French champagne.  I could totally get used to it.

Honestly, it was the highlight of our trip.  This kind of fare, this restaurant experience, it is something we've rarely had the opportunity to enjoy.  It was our one special occasion, and it's something we'll never forget.

For my part, I can now tick another luxury champagne off my bucket list!

I can't thank both The White Rabbit and the Singapore Tourism Board enough for making #1Hubby's birthday dinner a very special night.

If you find yourself in Singapore and you want a special and unique dining experience, treat yourself and try The White Rabbit's Four Course Prix Fixe.


  1. Oh no - now you have made me want to go back to Singapore just to go to The White Rabbit !!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you had such a great experience for #1Hubby's 40th celebration (maybe I can do that for A's 50th instead of a party at home - after Saturday night I'm not in a hurry to repeat the experience !!)
    Thanks so much for sharing - have the best day !

    1. I'm in! You know, even though you didn't ask....

      It was amazing, and I'm definitely going back the next time I'm in Singapore. They have a fantastic cocktail bar too, and I feel completely guilty for neglecting it - which I will make up for next trip.

  2. PS - meant to say - love the photo of the two of you !!!


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