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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Too busy to blog : I'm parking

I would just like you all to know that I am far too busy to blog today, because I am otherwise occupied parking.

I will be at the park with The Feral Threesome for a large chunk of the day.

Please note the importance of this statement.

Let me help you :

1.  I am not watching The Real Housewives of all the world, ignoring my little darlings while they attempt to enact Natural Selection upon each other.

2.  We are all getting actual fresh air that is not filtered through the slightly dirty fly screens on the windows at home.

3.  This is not the first time.  It is, in fact, the third time in a week, and we are going on another park play date tomorrow.

4.  I have not, and do not plan to (at this stage) take covert booze on any of these occasions.

5.  All this park time means that the kids have spent not nearly as much time watching TV as they normally would.  This is possibly due to the fact that we are a ratings household, and I'm paranoid that the Nielsen peeps will dob me in to the authorities if I truly let the kids watch as much TV as we'd all collectively prefer.

6.  Most importantly, The Feral Threesome have represented well.  Not one swear word has made its way back to me either directly or via their playmates' parents.  Score!

If you wish to nominate me for Mother of The Year, you're too late.  The award has already been given out for 2013 to a woman who has birthed and/or Fostered a few dozen kids, but I believe my actions will make me a sure bet for the 2014 Mother of The Year Award.


  1. So the way to get them to behave is to make them exhausted? Genius!

  2. Lol - I can not wait to take little one to the park ... But I a guessing that seeing as he is only three weeks old my ideas of park experiences are way too positive and I will come to know park tantrums all too soon.

    1. Go for the fenced in playground. Best advice ever - means you don't have to worry about being distracted by Facebook ;-)

  3. Shite, glad we're not a ratings household - how'd you get dobbed in for that gig???

    1. They caught me on a slow day - did a brief radio ratings monitoring thing, then a few months later they hit me up to do the permanent/long term (until we get bored of it) TV ratings because our family dynamics fit a gap or something like that. I spend half my days screaming out "WHO IS WATCHING?!?!?!" as the rest of the family forget to log on, and all I see is the bloody ratings box scrolling that question across repeatedly.

  4. You are onto a winner - for us its walking along the beach, with my S health turned on the phone so that we try to make sure we are doing close to 10,000 steps before going home! And yeah fresh air does them wonders - they sleep way better!
    And I will try to remember to nominate you next year for Mother of the year award - what category would that be!!!

  5. You are going to the park without covert alcohol? I'm so proud. (but not envious!)


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