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Friday, May 17, 2013

We're home....for now

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And so to conclude the post-Singapore posts.

I love Singapore.  It was a fantastic break from our usual tiring routine. 

#1Hubby and I got along fabulously.  Largely thanks to the rolling happy hours, the shopping, the unlimited sleep and rest opportunities. 

It was crazy easy to slip into a child-free state of mind.  No dragging unwilling kids around, no finding kiddy-friendly restaurants, no nap times to work around, or eating early to be back at the hotel for bed time.

We missed The Feral Threesome hard.  Distance not only makes the heart grow fonder, it also makes the mind grow foggier.  Suddenly I couldn't quite recall exactly how irritating it was when, the day before we left, I found them all drag queening themselves up with my make up.  Instead, I remembered how freaking cute they looked as mini drag queens.

Time, even a few days, makes every little thing they do seem completely adorable again.  Including a 5:15am wake up via blood nose splatter.  Ugh... 

So, in our summation, we would be the most devoted and loving parents in the world, cherishing our every second with The Feral Threesome, adoring them above all else...if we parented them less frequently. 

I am currently attempting to convince him to work the extra 12-14hrs a day he doesn't already, so that we may put The Feral Threesome in boarding school and move to Singapore.

Boarding school in Perth for them (I was a boarding school teen, so I even have a waitlist-jumping right to a killer girls school and its brother school, bonus!)....and an international jetsetting lifestyle for us.

I admit, they may be some fairly extreme measures to go to in order to spend more time in Singapore and be a better parent while around my kids.

I will probably think on it some more before requesting enrollment packs and jumping on Seek to look for Singapore based employment for #1Hubby, in a location close to the shops and bars for me, his lady of leisure expat wife.

Failing a permanent set up, I could quite get used to the odd adults only mini-vacation.

Unfortunately, I may need to find a new babysitter first.  Poor #1Nana, she was limping and looking a lot like a startled deer in headlights when we arrived home.  She may well be suffering from PTSD.  I certainly don't expect her to bravely and naively put her hand up for overnight babysitting duties again any time soon.

For now, I will console myself by flicking through glossy boarding school brochures and signing up for cheap flight email alerts.



  1. I'm glad you had such a good time - A and I have been trying to have regular weekends away leaving K at home to babysit the house and dogs and we certainly have enjoyed the time to ourselves - seems to do something to renew our faith in each other when we can have a conversation away from the house and chores and day to day grind.
    Have a great weekend - can't wait for #FFS to be back next week !

  2. It. SOunds. AMAZING. I am so jealous I am going to vom. I am hoping to have a NIGHT away from the kids for our anniversary. But it won't be Singapore. Also need to invest in babysitters more. Totes agree about being a better parent if I wasn't bloody HERE all the time. I'm so happy to have found your blog!

  3. I'm trying the 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' thing with my husband. If I leave him at home and fly off to Sydney for a couple of days I'm sure to love him more for at least a few hours when I get home, aren't I?

  4. I could not agree more! I am waiting for both of the little nasties to be at school so I can parent less frequently! In the meantime, perhaps I should plan a holiday...


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