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Monday, June 17, 2013

Despicable Me 2 : Not remotely despicable

Alternatively titled : And the award for most awesome mothering goes to me

So last week I recently broke from Sunday morning tradition.

I did not spend the morning drinking coffee, reading newspaper gossip and travel liftouts, turning the music channel up loud enough to drown out The Whiney Threesome.

The girls and I went to the movies.  But not just any movie.  It was a preview screening, and so there was face painting, fairy floss (which I may or may not have hit up three times) and enough ice cream and flavoured milk to send all three of us to our sugary happy places.

Mstr4 did blokey stuff with #1Hubby, because he is yet to find his quiet voice and therefore can't do cinemas.

I loved Despicable Me, possibly more than the kids did, and Despicable Me 2 doesn't disappoint.

You've got good Gru, you've got the girls, and you've got the Minions.  Lots of Minions.  Oh so many Minions.  There is also chest hair, bling, a man-tard (male leotard) and a pretty, pretty fairy princess....

I'm not going to butcher the storyline or give away the ending.  Instead, check out the official trailer :

Just a little teaser - I may have suffered from optic leakage* at the end.  Never have I been more thankful for 3D glasses.  Lest I blow the cool image I had carefully crafted by bopping in my seat to the soundtrack. Miss7 cheered and Miss4 thought I was awesomely funny.

That's not true, they were both far too engrossed in the movie to notice my mad chair dancing skills.

Their loss.

The girls' thoughts on Despicable Me 2 :

Miss7 :  The best part was when Gru....oh wait, I can't tell them that bit, can I Mum?
Me     :  No, that would be a spoiler
Miss7 :  Oh, well I liked when the Minions..."
Me     :  No no, you can't say that either.  Another spoiler
Miss7 :  Can I say it was awesome?
Me     :  Yes, yes you can.
Miss7 :  Ok. It was awesome.  Can we go again?

Miss4  :  My best part was you Mummy!
Me      :  Of course it was.
Miss4  :  You're awesome!
Me      :  Agreed.  Aside from my awesomeness, what did you think of the movie?
Miss4  :  Exciting, it was really really good.  The onions were funny!
Me      :  You mean the Minions?
Miss4  :  No actually they're actually called ONIONS actually
Me      :  No they're called Minions
Miss4  :  ONIONS!
Me      :  MINIONS!
Miss4  :  Whatever. They were awesome.
Me      :  But not as awesome as Mummy
Miss4  :  No, they're more awesome

Despicable Me 2 is in cinemas June 20.
 Just in time for the winter school holidays, making it excellent bribery

Check out the website for more teasers, games and the official Minion fan club

*Also referred to being misty eyed, bawling, tearing up, or crying.  I cried.  At a kids movie.  Shut up.

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  1. sounds like a perfect kids/parent movie to check out - will have to see if its showing in the Wollongong area over the school holidays :)


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