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Friday, June 7, 2013

FFS!? Friday : Winter washing whine

Ye olde worlde clothes dryer

Like so many domestic goddesses, I spend half my life in the laundry.  FFS!?

I don't have a dryer.  FFS!?

I've somehow managed to stupidly convince myself that we don't have the room for one, and we've lived so many years without a dryer that we really don't need one.  FFS!?

Let us just ignore the fact that ye olde worlde clothes dryer pictured above takes up the same amount of space as a dryer.  Less if it's wall mounted.  FFS!?

Not having a dryer means that I spend at least 3-4 months of the year dedicating more like three quarters of my life to the laundry and ensuring it dries.  FFS!?

I can't tell you the number of wet wintery nights we sit down to dinner with undies, bras, school shirts and socks hanging from the backs of the dining table chairs drying.  FFS!?

Particularly fetching when you are so used to them being there, that you completely forget about them, only to realise when guests awkwardly decline a seat at the table for coffee.  FFS!?

Or you wake up from a power nap on the lounge with a pair of damp Spiderman jocks delicately draped across your face like an eye mask.  FFS!?

Come winter, I try and wear my clothes as long as possible before washing them.

Obviously not my underbits. Duh.

I'll wear my jeans at least 2-3 times before they have sustained enough domestic splatter (sticky fingers, cooking debris etc.) to be deemed unwearable, and they reluctantly walk themselves into the washing machine.

But that's just me, because I'm the only one who is aware of the great winter washing dilemma.

Daily, #1Hubby and The Feral Threesome disrobe and carelessly toss everything into the washing machine with gay abandon.  FFS!?

Stuff that they've only worn for the 2 hours between getting home from work/school and changing, and showering and putting their pyjamas on.  FFS!?

The Twin Tornado are all about dressing themselves lately, and enjoy changing clothes a few times a day when I'm distracted by Facebook or Twitter.  FFS!?

I constantly pass the laundry en route to the toilet and see a mountain of clothes overflowing from the washing machine, denoting at least 2-3 wardrobe changes.  FFS!?

I've caught Miss7, just home from school, assessing her school shirt to see if it's dirty.  Before grabbing a texta and drawing a smiley face or a flower on it.  FFS!?

#1Hubby will spend an entire day in a pristine airconditioned office and still deem his work pants far too dirty to wear again.  FFS!?

Thankfully, our new all-weather patio is currently being erected, which will allow me undercover clothes drying space outside.  No FFS!?

It is being installed by a lovely guy who could pass as the identical twin of Anthony Field from The Wiggles.  No FFS!?

He is a multi-tasking tradesman who will bust out a Hot Potato move for the kids inbetween laying sheets of patio roofing.  No FFS!?

I bet he has a clothes dryer.


Late news just in....  The Anthony Field lookalike is not only strong and good with his hands and also small children.... No FFS!? .... well....

He was wearing a WA Fire Brigade Tshirt.


The man also has fire fighting capabilities and uniform items.  NO, I REPEAT, NO FFS!?

And he told me about putting out a small fire next door to the #1Grandparents' house earlier in the week, which means he protects the elderly too.  No FFS!?

And yes, in answer to your burning (heh) question - his WA Fire Brigade Tshirt did look like it had been through a dryer.


  1. If it were me, I'd be threatening to marry the Anthony lookalike and make him and Husbeast co-husbands!!

  2. PMSL - my 'child' has a floor robe. When she can no longer see her floor, she scoops all the clothes on said floor into her arms and dumps them in the laundry !!! Now some of these clothes have only been on her body long enough for her to decide that 'No, I don't think this looks good on me' before it is dumped on the floor - so maybe 5 mins ? Be happy for your 2-3 hrs that The Feral Threesome have theirs on for !!!! LOL
    I have been known to leave said washing on the laundry floor for up to two weeks before she realises that it isn't getting done and does it herself.
    We have a rule - if you don't put your washing every. single. day into the laundry - you have to wash it yourself !
    Good luck with the getting the outside patio finished !!!
    Have the best weekend and thanks, again, for the laughs you provide !

  3. Oh yummy, I love a fireman. Just think how much electricity you have saved over the years!
    My Miss 12 thinks "cleaning" her room is to pile all the clothes in there into the laundry hamper. Including all the clean ones that I put on her bed to be put away. Because its easier for the same clothes to be washed, 3,4 &5 times without wearing rather than putting them away.

  4. My heart just went pittypat when you mentioned his building, hot potato and fire fighting skills. *swoon* I wonder if I can convince hubby that we need some carpentry done...

    And buy yourself a dryer FFS!

  5. I thought we could live without a clothes dryer - after all, we had for three years. Then a winter baby was due and, showing wisdom beyond our years, we invested in one.


  6. I think we too need a new patio :) We are SOR, do you think he would travel? Can he paint do you know? I have one wall I need doing as well - or is that just getting greedy.....

    I drape our washing during winter over the stair rails inside , looks like a chinese laundrey - but it works!!

  7. I also wear my clothes til they are so manky I'm embarrassed of them - yet hubby throws all kids clothes in laundry no matter if they've just put them on - but - we DO have a dryer - and not sure how we'd do without it - Get a cheapie $350-400 - worth every cent FFS

  8. Yeah - I bought the dryer with the house I just bought and I thought it would be a good investment - user's note: I had to go out and buy new work pants due to shrinkage - dammit! So use with extreme caution. even some of the baby's singlets shrunk - what is even in those??? Great blog, loving it :)

  9. I can't believe you do not have a dryer. GET ONE NOW!! Think of the spare drinking time you will have if you get one!!

  10. Join the club my friend because I was also thinking that we don't require a dryer but due to this surprising winter on the beginning of the year changed everything.


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