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Monday, July 8, 2013

Grocery shopping gripe

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Grocery shopping used to be my happy time, my happy place.

It is the ultimate in justifiable shopping.

But lately, the buzz has died.  I am not feeling the joy, the thrill of a bargain.

I am fed up with always landing the wonky trolley with a severe lean to the left.

If it's not that it's the one with the limping wheel that jolts the trolley on every rotation.

I am yet to hit a vacant deli counter.  I spend eons waiting for my turn, and I'm always after the lady buying enough cold meat for an entire football team.  In 4-slice packs of every single variation they have.

The Specials are almost never in stock when I go.

If they are available, they're not on the shelf, they're in boxes above the shelf.

I have been caught climbing up to reach them, only to have a staff member from one big supermarket chain tell me off.

I got down like a naughty, chastised child and politely asked if they could possibly reach said item.

Alas, no. They didn't 'do' shelf stocking, and they weren't prepared to climb up because it was unsafe.

Said by the 16 year old with infected facial piercing.

Without doubt I'll get stuck behind the pensioners, shuffling along, shopping in tandem.

They are delightfully sweet...until you try and pass them.

I once sustained an ankle injury after one lady veered her trolley in my direct as I was attempting to overtake her and her BFF in the cereal aisle.

She feigned surprise, but I am certain it was deliberate.  I heard her sweet little old lady voice bark at another shopper who dared to reach across in front of her trolley.

There are only ever three checkouts open.

One of which is cash only.

Another strictly for 12 items or less.

I am always behind the person with 38 price checks.

Or the one who forgot something and dashes off to grab it at the rapid pace of a snail.

And/or the one who forgets their PIN number when it comes time to pay.

All while I'm eyeballing my melting ice cream while pleading/hiss-threatening my bored, tired and fed up kids.

I don't want to resort to ordering my groceries online, because then where will I get my tuckshop arm wingspan workout if not trying to control a limping, leaning trolley full of groceries?

But it is looking like a mighty fine option.

Especially when I found out that I could combine it with my booze order - all delivered to my home while I watch TV in my tracksuit pants.


  1. You really have to be careful of those feisty octogenarians. I actually think the supermarkets hire them to slow other shoppers down - make us spend longer browsing and picking up a lot more incidental items that weren't on our shopping list. It's all a conspiracy.

    1. OMG you're a genius - I would absolutely believe that! And I'll be they get tax cuts from the government for hiring senior citizens!

  2. LOL - I can relate to all of those although generally by the time I make it to the shops the old people are safe and sound in their rocking chairs at home !!! My pet hate is waiting while people let the cashiers ring everything up and tell them how much they ow before they start scratching around in their bags for their wallets so they can pay. C'mon people - you know there is no bell that is going to ring to say "Well done - you get your groceries for free today" - YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR GROCERIES - get your wallet out while your groceries are being put through the till so we can all keep moving and get home before it's midnight !
    Have the best day !

    1. Bahaha, you're so right! Although, wouldn't it be awesome if there was a bell, and you just waited and watched and hoped it was your turn to set it off and receive free groceries!

  3. Haha, and awwww. Hugs. My pet supermarket peeve is people who spill or break things then just bolt and leave it for someone else to discover. Usually by walking through it. AAARGH.

    (Another is the Lindt sample lady only giving me one piece of chocolate. WHAT'S THE DEAL?!)

    1. I am always the person who doesn't see it and then walks through it, or touches it, smeared all over the other bottles/cans.

      Wait...what? have a Lindt sample lady? WHERE IS THIS - I MUST MOVE IMMEDIATELY!

  4. Funny post! I firmly believe old people in supermarkets are The Work of The Devil, along with people who think it's an awesome idea to let their toddler push the trolley in a crowded aisle(usually right into my ankles)/

    1. Ohhh the toddler drivers. If not bashing into people, it's displays. They're responsible for all those dented cans.

  5. NO WAY, we can combine booze and food orders? I'm in! I hate the cranky old man who fills the shelf and when I said "sorry, could you please excuse me" - he said "you're not sorry" and I said " um I don't say anything I don't mean mate"
    Thanks for the smile xx

    1. Oh I would've taken his name and marched straight to the manager. While I was intimidated by a 16yr old should not be. Take action for both of us!

      Also, Woolworths or Coles online, depending on the store that is closest to you (if they have the liquor license), do online booze orders with food. How cool is that!? I reckon I'd save enough in the lack of in-store impulse buys I am famous for, by shopping online, to fund extra booze!

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