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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Multiple marriage proposals

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My babies are growing up far too quickly.

They’re already talking marriage.

At the ripe old age of 4 ½.

Miss4 was all set to marry one of her BFF’s, but she’s since changed her mind.

She has widened her options (and her odds) and decided she will marry one of the identical triplet boys in her class.

I am pleased with this decision, as they have a nice mother and I can totally picture her and I spending our days sharing wine.

Except the boys are not coming to the party.  All three have denied her.

Miss4 walked up to the triplets at Kindy and said “I’m going to marry you.

Fact.  Statement.  Certainly not a question.

All three laughed at her and said “No way!

For some unknown, unfathomable reason, they thought she was joking.

Which left her seething.  She was full of indignation when she came home from Kindy and told me what happened.

I mean, come on boys – you may have just turned 4 last month, but don’t be the stereotypical guy – fighting growing up, never wanting to settle down, hesitating to commit to one girl.

You’re 4 now.  These are the hard hitting issues you need to deal with.  The life decisions you must make.  Apparently.

As for Mstr4, he is not being left behind.

Not only has he chosen his bride, but he’s also chosen his future career.

He regularly asks me to marry him.

He has canny timing – I was in the Disney store in Chicago when he called from Australia to ask me to marry him and be his princess.

I left that store with a tear in my eye, a bursting heart, and a shit load of Spiderman merchandise for my favourite guy.

Because in his future career he is going to be Spiderman.

And apparently that ties in with us getting hitched.  When we get married, I am going to magically turn into a princess, and he will become Spiderman.


So anyway, things are looking up.

My 2 youngest are maturely thinking of the future.

I’m in hot demand.  I’m receiving marriage proposals almost daily.

My next husband is a superhero.  Literally.

And I’m already adept at cooking for him, cleaning up after him, doing his laundry etc.

The best bit - no chance of any mother in law issues!


  1. My youngest wanted to be a shot-putter or a pizza delivery man. I always thought he should aim higher. I too would have been proud to call my son a superhero rather than call him for fast food.

  2. My 5-year-old is totally marrying her BFF, she's got it sorted, and he agrees, so that's lucky - I'm also besties with his mum so that is a bonus, she also loves walks on the beach and WINE! My 3.5-year-old wants to marry his best mate, and he asked me if he could and I said you "Sure can marry Cruz, he's a very nice boy". Let's hope Australia falls into line with the rest of the world sooner rather than later in this respect!
    BTW, how awesome are those Disney stores, I used to ADORE those when I lived there, spent WAY to much money x


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