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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Novica Giveaway : Margaritas, multi-cultural shopping and lamps I covet

Alternatively titled : How I justify online shopping and tell myself I've totally created some good karma and, therefore, a reason to toast my good karma and justified shopping with a cocktail.

I need to work on my titles.

So it's Fathers Day soon.

I have just realised I'm going to be away.

Nothing says Fathers Day like having your husband solo-parent on his special day.

I like to call it QUALITY TIME.

Obviously I need the mother of all gifts to dazzle him with.

If, like me, you are a bit over the whole cartoon coffee mugs and mini golf putting greens for the toilet (because, do we really need to encourage the men in our lives to spend more time in the bathroom?), then you will like Novica.

Here's where I attempt to give you the abridged version of what Novica are all about.

Fasten your seatbelts, we all know I am inherently crap at whatever the opposite of rambling on and on is.

Novica are one of the largest Artisan websites on the interwebz.  They work with National Geographic to promote and enable all cultures to share their talents and unique wares, creating a global market that would have otherwise been inaccessible to many of the people they work with.

What that means is that your shopping is doing global social good.  And there's no chance you'll give the same bargain end of range but impressive looking [insert product name here] as your cousin / brother / friend.

So go pat yourself on the back and order up some more original gifts for your family.  And yourself.

Of particular interest to me lately are the following:

All together now....One tequila, two tequila, three tequila four...ole!

I love these.  Totally not what you'd find at Kmart or David Jones.  Also easily passed off as art.  You are giving the gift of culture.  You're welcome.

Attention #1Hubby : THESE.  ALL OF THESE.

Obviously.  As if you need to justify a hammock....but they are very useful when placed next to the serving platter holding the margarita glasses that you have just drained, when you find yourself in need of an afternoon siesta.

There's also a whole Gifts for Dad section, but I ran out of time to really check that one out after drooling the afternoon away over the table lamps and serving platters.  And then I had to go rehydrate with a margarita, because for some reason I was jonesing for one of those.

I have two Novica $50 Gift Cards to give away.

To enter, simply check out the Novica site and come back here and fill in the entry form below with your favourite item from the website.

Entries close midnight Australian Western Standard Time GMT +8 (...OMG I suck at numbers. Why do I not live on the invisible line that signifies +0 so that it's easy to work out time differences) Friday 7th September.

The fine print:
  • Please note: The prize does not include shipping and tax.  The gift card total can be used to pay for shipping and tax, but please be aware this is all payable on your purchases.
  • Entry is open to Australia, New Zealand and United States residents only
  • There are two (2) prizes of a $50 Novica gift card each
  • Maximum of three (3) entries per person:
  • - One (1) entry for commenting (required)
  • - One (1) entry for following (required)
  • - One (1) entry for sharing (optional)
  • Entries close midnight AWST (GMT +8) Friday 7th September
  • Winners announced on Facebook Page Monday 10th September
  • Giftcards are via electronic codes that will be emailed to the winners
  • Winners have seven (7) days to respond via email before I grow despondent, resort to wine to console myself, and then conduct a redraw.

Please note - no payment was received for this post beyond the giveaway prizes

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