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Monday, August 26, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Tablet : The non-review

I won one of these babies while at BlogHer.

I admit, there were tears.  In the middle of an expo hall of 5,000 bloggers plus exhibitors.

Because I never win anything.

And much gushing as I attempted to make up for the blubbering.

Now, this is not a sponsored post.  Because I won a prize.  I was not specifically chosen and contacted about the product, and I was not asked to write about it.

Which is actually a good thing, because I haven’t been able to get anywhere near it since I took it out of the box.

This is as close as I’ve managed to get:

Aerial shot standing on a chair behind The Feral Threesome
This was as close as I could get

I’m told it is – and I quote –

Totally awesome Mum!  OMG, I found Nickelodeon!  I bet Katy Perry has one of these!

Ooh it’s light and SHUT UP MSTR4 I’M TALKING!

Muum?  Muuum?  Where’s Spiderman?  Oh wait, I found him!  This is totally amazing!

For my part, it has proven its awesomeness and value in that I have been able to blog uninterrupted by whiney requests from children draping themselves over my person, asking when I’ll be finished so they can Google Lady Gaga, find Spiderman, play that game that isn’t Reading Eggs…oh wait yes it is Reading Eggs, yeah I want to play Reading Eggs… (upon viewing my arched eyebrows).

Ebay is thankful to Samsung for drawing my name.  They’ve benefited from a lot more of my time and money than usual.

#1Hubby is beside himself.  He has declared it the best product ever.  Because he can use it in bed while watching sport.

Little did any of them know, the newest and most coveted family member came to Cambodia and Vietnam with me this week.  Because I have USB’s full of downloaded reality TV to watch while travelling without them around to keep me occupied / busy refereeing sibling disputes.

They’re probably still tearing up the house looking for it.

So if anyone needs me, I will be in my hotel room, Do Not Disturb sign posted, with my shiny new love.


  1. Welcome to the Tablet world. Fabulous for slack parenting - I have relied heavily on iParenting during bouts of morning sickness to stop Tricks following me to the toilet saying "Are you gonna vomit, Mum? Mum? Are you vomiting? Mum? Muuuuum?!"

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