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Friday, September 6, 2013

FFS!? Friday : Can I get a FFS?

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Seriously, I'm really trying to find something to FFS!? about.

No, really.

As you read this I am either:

A)  Drunk in a Vietnamese casino, courtesy of the free drinks while gambling 1 cent at a time.  No FFS!?

B)  Sleeping.  In my hotel room.  A room that is all mine.  No FFS!?

C)  Trying not to use a faux Asian accent while haggling in a market/shop.  No FFS!?

D)  Drinking my way through the $1 cocktail list, in a race against time (the end of Happy Hour). No FFS!?

E)  Sleeping.  In a massive bed that is all mine, with pristine white sheets that do not sport suspicious stains or
     texta. No FFS!?

F)  Eating my body weight in delicious food prepared by someone who is not me, and who has far better knife skill
     and enough patience to cook a multi-course meal that doesn’t involve a microwave.  No FFS!?

G)  Sleeping.  In silence.  No TV permanently blaring Spongebob or sports.  No FFS!?

H)  A combination of all of the above.  No FFS!?

The only single thing of FFS-worthy note that I can think to whine about, is the fact that I am coming home tomorrow night.  FFS!?

I promise you I will do better next week.


  1. ENJOY !!!!!!
    Sorry to hear it is ending so soon - definitely a FFS in there. Would love to hear you haggling in a faux Asian accent - am sure you would provide heaps of amusement to some people !!
    Have the best flight home - travel safely !

  2. It's possible to cook a meal without a microwave? No FFS!

  3. Good lord what have I missed the last few weeks!! Enjoy your last night of freedom!!

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