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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Using my time wisely

Alternatively titled : Shit I've wasted far too much time doing in the past week

Spent 90 minutes of Miss8's birthday last Thursday taking over her new Blingles machine so that I could spell her initials in bling, telling her that she could have a turn WHEN I'M FINISHED.

Unrelated: I may be slightly anal retentive with my OCD obsession with symmetry.

Bought an obscene amount of fancy ice creams to shove in my face in lieu of booze during the week.

That in itself didn't take very long, but hiding all of them where #1Hubby wouldn't spot them in the freezer certainly did.

6 boxes of 4 ice creams equated to just over 80 seconds hiding each of the 24 ice creams.

I'm confident he won't be checking inside the bag of frozen peas, at the bottom of the stocked ice dispenser, or between the carefully stacked frozen meals.  Or inside the 3 boxes of frozen spinach that I emptied out in order to safely hide my precious fancy pants ice creams.

Clearly he doesn't read my blog.

Now to think of a way to eat them all without him seeing.

Unrelated: I may have issues with sharing.

Cleaned my floors.  Daily.  Enough said, right?

Unrelated:  I seriously need to get out more, so that I don't spend a crazy amount of time looking at the debris on my floors.  So much time that I actually resort to cleaning it up.

Hand wrote an entire budget to justify a 2 week family cruise.

With a totally fictitious budget, and totally fictitious income that I am going to earn from my fictitious job next year, once the Twin Tornado are at school full time.

Unrelated:  I have totally missed my calling as a financial fiction writer; given my ability to gloss over of all of the things that are possibly slightly more financially savvy and/or pertinent.  And if so, who do I speak to about getting that job next year when the Twin Tornado are at school full time, so that I can fund a 2 week family cruise?

Built a Lego house.

Literally, Ed Sheeran.  After Ed Sheeran's Lego House clip came on, I decided that I was totally going to do it, and so I did.  On my own.  While the kids watched Katy Perry's Eye of the Tiger (something I'm totally not prepared to try in the literal).

Unrelated:  Nailed it.  2 storey.  Every bedroom had its own bathroom.  Walk in robes all round.  It was a beautiful thing.  If only my fictitious financial fiction writing gig paid enough to build a Lego house...again, literally Ed Sheeran.

Curious as to why I partook in such inane time sapping shit?  Stay tuned for this week's FFS!? Friday post for full details.


  1. LOL - isn't it funny how we can find so many things to keep us busy when we have stuff to do !!!
    Have the best day and good luck with finding the job - if I hear of anyone needing a financial fiction writer, I'll be sure to give them your contact details !

    1. I blame the lack of internet for resorting to MANUAL mind-numbing idiotic tasks. As opposed to my usual ONLINE mind-numbing idiotic tasks.

  2. Congrats on the Lego house. Maybe that could be your well-paid job next year when the twins go to school. I've heard there's good money in real estate development.

    1. You're not wrong. I could build an entire blog around the awesome Lego kitchens, walk in robes, Mummy's personal bathroom - it would draw in all of the mothers who will jealously admire my handiwork in creating the most amazing Mummy-focused miniature houses.

      Not that I've thought about it much or anything...


    And now that you've asked, I hate to think what I'd be recording if I wrote EVERY single inane thing I did during the day.

  4. That is funny! I spent a bit of time shooing my almost-two-year-old away from the finger paint so I could have a go this week. I did refrain from showing him how to stay in the lines though so I consider it a win for open-ended play :)


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