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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wait, when did this happen?

Check the matching double chins, yo

Shut the front gate.

When did this happen?

My sweet little Miss7 becomes a tweenish Miss8 tomorrow.

Now, I'm normally the parent who is high fiving herself as each passing birthday signifies a little bit more independence, a little less toddler-taming.

When she became a Miss5 I relished the couple of days a week she was at school.  They made me miss her and enjoy the one-on-one time the rest of the week.

When she became a Miss6 I was thrilled for the ability to sleep in a little longer as she had mastered the art of breakfast cereal preparation.  She spoke at her first school assembly and I was filled with pride at my independent little Miss.

When she became Miss7 I was overjoyed at how she referred to me as her BFF, while asking if I wanted to share a cup of tea with her and can she set the table yet?

She gradually morphed from a dependent toddler to an independent little girl.

But I'm ready for all of that to stop now.

I'd like her to stay as a very new Miss8.  Like how she is right now, this week, today.

I've found myself bursting into tears at random moments when she doesn't even know I'm watching her.

I love her so damn hard.

She's inquisitive, she's funny, she's curious and she's interested.  She's still so innocent and trusting.

So stop the bus because we both want to get off right now.

While she thinks I know everything and still listens to me (most of the time).

This past week I've caught her in my room, quietly search for her birthday presents.  In order to screw with her stop her fruitless searching, I've put the rolls of birthday wrapping paper on the kitchen bench to signify that I am yet to purchase her gifts.

Which is totally not true, but she's been an absolute angel all week, full of compliments and helpful assistance.  Heh.

I've also been asking her how she wants to celebrate her birthday, and her only request was red velvet cupcakes.

Followed a few days later by McDonalds  for lunch.

And then yesterday, Sizzler for dinner.

She is so my kid - packing in as much takeaway as possible, centering her birthday celebrations around eating out.

I can't even think about 10 years from now when I'll have to buy her wine with her Happy Meal.


  1. I totally concur ♡♡♡M xx

    1. Thank you, it's always nice when someone agrees ;-)

  2. Eight is a wonderful age. Enjoy it while it lasts.

    1. I will. I think. If the tweeny attitude doesn't creep in too much!

  3. Although there might be some bumps along the road especially in the teen years, you will still be just as enamoured of your girl and thrilled with how she is turning out. That is how I feel about Miss Almost 17 and Mr 19!

    1. Oh I am so hoping Janet. I'm just dreading the day she stops calling me her BFF. My Mum's my best friend, and I can only hope I maintain that closeness with my own daughters.

  4. Happy Birthday to the newly-minted Miss 8!!

    1. She giggled and said thanks. Then asked me if she gets money for being on "my internet". OMG....really....

  5. wow how fast does the time go?? If only time would do as we say and stop or speed up on cue.


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