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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Christmas gift ideas for the man in your life

This week's Christmas gift ideas post is all about the man in your life.

Your significant other.

Your life partner.

The bane of your existence.

The extra child you wrangle.

The love of your life.

Whatever he is to you, I've found an appropriate gift for him this festive season:

Canned Edible Bugs
Edible Bugs gift pack - 6 delicious packs for just $39.99

What man doesn't want to go all Bear Grylls from time to time?

Now you can truly call yourself an enabler with a week's worth of work lunches, plus a spare tin for when he's extra hungry and craving some Queen Weaver Ants or Dung Beetles.

The Panda Coat

The Panda Coat - a steal at just $200

So your man's not really an outdoorsy, bug eating, adventure type?

He's a little more soft and sensitive?

No problem - nothing screams soft and sensitive louder than a Panda Coat.

While many males whine about gifts of clothing, I am certain this would go down a treat.

You can enjoy hours watching your man frolic in the bushes outside, leaping high into the air in a totally Panda-like state of euphoria.

Arse / Face Soap

Arse / Face Soap - $9.90


Why hasn't anyone thought of this sooner?

This is right up there with Post It Notes and cask wine as far as genius inventions go.

No more dodgy short and curlies to pick off the soap before applying it to your delicate facial area.

It's the most practical of all gifts.

The Dog House.  Like, literally
Dog House Human Tent - $49.95 and worth every cent

Is your man prone to giving you the shits?

Then send him to the dog house.  Literally.

Keep that bad boy erected in your yard as a visual warning should he consider stepping out of line.

Also excellent alternative accommodations for heavy snorers.

Him, not you.  Obviously.

Manly Room Spray
Manly Room Spray - Set of 3 for $14

Look, anything is better than fart, burp and sweat, right?

Now you can compromise and instead sniff the sweet scents of 'Hunting Lodge', 'Distillery' and 'European Sportscar'.

You may be sacrificing your Morning Dew, Vanilla Bean, Oriental Sunset and the like, but this is his gift, not yours.

The biggest problem is going to be choosing between all the awesomeness and picking just one gift.



  1. Absolutely - the soap and the dog house human tent are winning for me (or should I say him) at the moment !!!! Thanks again for such great ideas for Christmas - saves me looking !!!
    Have the best day !
    (PS do I have to pay you for being my virtual PA after all the great present ideas you have come up with for me ???)

    1. I'm thinking of gifting the soap to all the men in my life. It would be the best present ever.

      And yes, yes you do. But before you so generously consider paying me for my gift advice, wait for the next few weeks of gift guides. Yes, that's right...I found so much craptastic awesomeness that I've turned it into a weekly thing from now until Christmas.

    2. The cheque is in the post !

  2. That soap is pure genius. I've often stood in the shower wondering exactly where the soap has last been.


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