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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christmas gift ideas for your cat

Another week, another Christmas Gift Guide.

This time, it's all about cats.

Because I feel they don't get enough reward for all the awesome cat clips that squander away many wasted hours online.

Poems by Cats
I Could Pee on This - various prices

Yes, yes you could.

And I'd rather you did so on this book rather than my carpet, furniture, clothing, person.

This one's for the intellectual cat.  The one who isn't interested in chasing mice or brightly coloured balls with bells in them.  They're above such unrefined behaviour.  They would much prefer sitting in their personal library, sipping kitty cognac, quoting the poetic gems of their fellow sophisticats (heh).

Unicorn Horn
Horns to turn a horse into a unicorn - also suitable for cats IMHO

Everyone loves a unicorn.  It's not fair that only horses should be able to live the dream.

With enough gaffa tape, this horn will totally stay put on your feline friend too, thus allowing them to bask in unicorn style awesomeness.

Like the ultimate dress up accessory for your cat.

Giddyup...but for cats.  Whatever the feline version of giddyup is.  I have no idea.

Cat Windscreen Wiper Decal
Kitty Tail Windshield Wiper Decals - $13

This one is more about you, publicly declaring that you are a cat person.

Make your pet proud.

Show them how much they mean to you by going public.

Kitty Condo
Over The Door Cat Condo - $149.95

Just like Friends or Melrose Place, but for your cats.

Find out who's doing who.

Who keeps a messy condo.

Which cat claims the penthouse condo with a view and assumes landlord responsibilities.

Which cat stays up late drunkenly meowing to the moon while blasting old tunes on their iPod.

Cat Hat
Sharknado Cat Hat - $20

Like a boss.

You know how you feel special when you pretty yourself up with some accessorising?

Well your feline friend deserves the same joy and inner happiness that comes from a good hat.

Also available in a Christmassy theme, so your pet can double as a mobile Christmas Tree:

Meow baby, meow.


  1. PMSL - and I don't even like cats that much !!!!! But unicorns - now they are a different story - I wonder if I could use that to make myself into a unicorn ???????????? Gaffa tape around my head may make it a little difficult to talk - may have to try to put a chin strap on it.
    Thanks for making me laugh (again !!)
    Have the best day !

    1. You would not believe how much unicorn stuff is out there. I'm considering doing a unicorn post too. Go the chin strap - safety first!

  2. I don't have a cat but I have two dogs so could the next Christmas gift ideas post be for the canines of this world?

    1. Canines was this week just been. Hope you enjoyed it. Especially the rear protector (WTF?)


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