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Monday, November 25, 2013

Just one example of my awesomeness

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I've waited a couple of weeks to write this post.

It's taken me that long to get over loving myself sick.

And also given me time to make sure my handiwork was as awesome as it appeared to be at the time, and did not fall apart, collapse, electrocute one of the kids or inexplicably stop working.

So I sourced a new TV.

For a bargain price.

I elbowed my way through the crowds when the store opened.

Or waited behind 4 middle aged men of varying origin, also waiting to grab the bargain TV.

I may have cut off a slightly older woman who tried to come from behind.

I nabbed the second last one.

Took the new TV home, full of adrenalin from my shopping victory.

Removed the old TV and the accompanying and long defunct DVD and VCR players.

Put together the new TV.  It involved multiple screws and a manual in a foreign language with diagrams drawn by infants, so it counts as a feat of awesomeness.

Hooked up and tuned new TV and the cable TV box.


Installed old TV in the toy room.

Bought new DVD and Blu Ray player for the toy room, my brilliance extending to foresight and wanting alone time with my shiny new TV.

Installed DVD and Blu Ray machine in toy room so kids can finally watch the bazillion DVD's that have been neglected since our old DVD player died around 18 months ago.

Sat back and revelled in my awesome skills.

When certain that the new TV had been tuned correctly, and the base would not fall off from incorrect installation, I phoned #1Hubby at work.

Told him what I'd achieved by 10am.

Advised him that - should I ever develop an interest in gardening, ironing and vacuuming - he should watch out, because his position in the family would then be completely redundant.


  1. Yeh but do you take the garbage out and mow the lawn? Me neither.

    1. As if. I've trained Mstr4 to take the garbage out - he proudly refers to himself as 'Rubbish Boy', and we don't have any lawn. Nailed it!

  2. I expect to see your picture in the dictionary the next time I look up 'awesome'.

    1. Head shot. Cheesy grin. 2 thumbs pointing at myself. Epic.

  3. you, my friend, are rocking the rockstar goddess.

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