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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kez's Kitchen Gluten Free snacks : Review and Giveaway with a lengthy random side story

Despite not being a sufferer, I once went to a seminar on Coeliac disease and healthy eating.  I was there for the free drinks and a legitimate excuse to avail myself of parenting duties of an evening.

As I attempted to immerse myself in the various discussions, I would confidently and very audibly say what I knew about COLE-EE-AY-ECK disease.

Yeah - it's pronounced SEE-LEE-ACK.  Not COLE-EE-AY-ECK.


Apart from the disastrous pronunciation issues and cheap wine, the evening provided me some insight into the whole gluten free way of eating.

A number of people had suggested we reduce Mstr4's gluten intake in general, and completely cut it out when his seasonal eczema flares up around November and May each year.

It was a far more viable option than....well....whizzing on him.  For real.  One website actually suggested human urine eased the itch and soothed the rash.

No.  Just, no.

So we do the gluten free thing when his eczema flares up, and I also try and cut gluten from his daily intake wherever possible at other times.

Holy mother of all things Gluten is hard being a mother of a gluten free child in the mornings.  Breakfast is impossible - no toast, limited cereal options (which he will invariably turn his nose up at).

Don't even get me started on packing a school lunchbox when you are trying to avoid gluten.

I'm not one for piling in the processed, packaged foods, so it should be easy.  But when you're facing week 5 of carrot sticks, apple slices and the like, it's enough to make a kid and a mother break out into a nasty rash and oh look we're back at square one again....

Which brings me to today's giveaway - Kez's Kitchen Gluten Free Snacks.

Insert apologetic jazz hands for the epic back story.

I consider myself a bit of an expert on Kez's Kitchen's original range of gourmet biscuits.

I once enjoyed one of every biscuit in the range in a single sitting....wait for it....while #1Hubby was sitting right next to me, completely none the wiser.

Every time he got up to get a drink or go to the loo, I knocked back a biscuit or two.

When I was ready for another, I'd tell him I thought I heard the kids arguing.  Enough time for me to demolish a Florentine while he went to check.

While I would never sneak food away from my child, if I spot a Gluten Free Melting Moment Mstr4 is back to carrot sticks and apple slices.

Luckily for him, I have restrained myself from sampling his Kez's Kitchen Gluten Free Cereal Bites and Cereal Snacks, even the Snack Bars.

Mother of the year.  Right here.

The Cereal Bites are a dream in the morning.  He relishes the chance to munch away on his own personal supply, which he rates a 1.5 thumbs up.

He says it's 2 thumbs, but apparently one doesn't go all the way up.

I'm not proud of the amount of time I spent attempting to get him to put both thumbs up, and I may have lost my cool ever so slightly when he insisted that the other thumb has never ever worked.

Regardless, the kid scoffs that stuff like a person with 2 working thumbs would.

Both the Cereal Snacks and the Cereal Bites are individually packaged for easy snacking on the go - especially convenient for school lunch boxes.

And easy enough for a 4 year old with 1.5 working thumbs to open (don't get me started on the number of other kiddy packaged snacks that require a pocket knife multi tool to open).

So here's my review

  • I haven't tried any of the Kez's Kitchen Gluten Free range myself.
  • I couldn't tell you what any of it tastes like.
  • Mstr4 won't share (I have no idea where he gets that from).
  • For the first time since we started the foray into Gluten Free breakfasts, he's the first finished.
  • There's no whining or complaining.  Apart from his sisters who are convinced he's eating cereal spun from pure gluten free gold and they are being duped with their regular cereal.
  • He always asks for the Cereal Bites when he wants a snack.

And all of that is good enough for me.

As a parent, it's great to have a gluten free snack option that doesn't leave my kid feeling like he's missed out when the others are having a muesli bar (a treat in our house).

There are six new items in the Kez's Kitchen Gluten Free range.  Two of those are also low fructose and FODMAP certified (great news for IBS sufferers).

Check them out at your local Coles and Woolworths Safeway stores.

The Giveaway

I have a pack of the Kez's Kitchen Gluten Free products to give away.

For your chance to win, comment below with your answer to the following question:

What would be your dream gluten free indulgence?

Obviously mine would be a gluten free George Clooney, duh.

Entries close midnight (WST) Saturday 30th November

The Fine Print
  • Entry is open to Australian residents only
  • Please ensure you use an email address when completing the comment form, so that I am able to contact you if you are the winner.
  • Winner will be emailed Sunday 1st December
  • Winner has seven (7) days to respond before I eat my way through a pack of Kez's biscuits to console myself and then conduct a re-draw
  • Prize will be sent to the winner by Kez's Kitchen or their representative


  1. Triple Chocolate Brownies fed to me by Colin Firth .... sigh :)

  2. Chocolate lava cake while sailing the Caribbean sea

  3. An elegant high tea with gluten free scones, jam and cream, strawberry cheesecake and chocolate brownies. Not only would all those sweet treats be an indulgence but sharing with my girlfriends without feeling like a social exclusion would be the top of an ultimate day.

  4. Mine would be gluten free tiramisu

  5. I want Thor, aka Chris Hemsworth, to serve up the food of the gods - chocolate/chocolate chip ice cream and then dessert.


  6. My dream gluten free indulgence would be chocolate ,chocolate & more chocolate , chocolate coated chips,chocolate coated pretzels , chocolate coated Allens snakes. Can never have too much of chocolate - love if it becomes gluten free...

    email -

  7. I really miss licorice allsorts, aniseed balls and chocolate aniseed rings, I can remember the taste perfectly and dream about finding gluten free versions!

  8. I would love a gluten free Zinger Burger from KFC, I miss them. :(


  9. Summer is just here, I'm dreaming of gluten free ice cream to indulge myself.

    1. Oh I'm with you there - Because Mstr4 is largely gluten free, we go without ice cream most of the time. Sometimes, an icy pole just doesn't cut it!

      Congrats, you are the winner winner, chicken dinner! Check your email.


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