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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Today I'm off for more free babysitting  free booze  free food quality time at the #1Grandparents' house.

Since we didn't kill / emancipate each other last time, I figured another vacay was in order.

I am packing all the usual suspects - the Feral Threesome, fruit and veg, a token amount of booze so it looks like I'm not mooching all of theirs.

And this...

If you were playing along via Facebook, you would know that, during my last visit, #1Nana professed to...wait for it...

Tossing a full, unopened jar of Nutella in the bin.

Because she didn't know what to do with it.


Who is this woman?

I'll tell you - this is a woman who gifted the Feral Threesome a tube of Nestle's Condensed Milk each for Christmas.

And yet, she had no idea what to do with Nutella?  WTF?

If it wasn't for our affections for the same booze, I would be questioning the DNA link.

And so started Nutellagate.

After setting her straight on the glorious merits of Nutella, I vowed to further educate her via jar and finger spoon in front of the television.

I am convinced this awakening will firmly place me ahead of the Feral Threesome in the inheritance stakes.


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  1. I'd be checking out the DNA link anyway - just to be sure !!! I can't believe anyone would throw out a whole bottle of Nutella - I have a jar in my desk at work and have a spoonful every now and again when I can't find any chocolate !
    Have the best vacay !

  2. Haha - when I was pregnant, we had Nutella breaks... Everyone would stop at three pm and devour Nutella - spoons optional.

  3. How can she not know what to do with it? It has picture instructions on the label!!

  4. Don't let kids use their fingers in Nutella. Firstly because Nutella is an ADULT FOOD and secondly because you will hide your Nutella so well that you forget you have it and then come back a few weeks later to see a fingerscoop shaped MOULD BALL IN IT.

    Your mother needs some serious schooling in the awesomeness of Nutella.

  5. jesus wept woman, I had to take a nap after filling out the damn captcha.


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