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Monday, January 20, 2014

Parenting and Family : A Fox Home Entertainment Giveaway

People often ask me for parenting advice.

They ask who I model my own stellar parenting on, who I look up to as a parenting role model.

Ok, fine.  Nobody has ever asked me anything at all about parenting, for obvious reasons.

In fact, if anyone was ever to ask me for parenting tips, I would assume it was so they could do the exact opposite.

Case in point

As I type this....

Miss8 (I originally typed Miss9, then had to revert back to a calender to determine if she is 8 or 9 because, you know, once they hit 5 and have siblings it's hard to keep track) is playing her Nintendo with her legs up in the air at right angles, while attempting to rap along to PitBull.

Mstr5 (same thing with the confirming his age) has a finger up one nostril, the other hand on his boy bits, and is conversing with his Transformer in the corner.

Miss5 (only benefit of twins, didn't have to double check her age) is outside practising spitting.

The Feral Threesome are shining examples of my parenting prowess.

Skills I had originally planned to model on Lorelai from The Gilmore Girls.  I wanted to be that fast talking, incredibly witty mother who never ever looked too old to kick it with her teenage daughter BFF.

Now that I have actually had kids, my expectations are slightly more realistic. I'm aiming more for a Clarie Dunphy from Modern Family kind of style.

Still incredibly witty, but also totally in control and clued in to every single bit of shit that's going down in her household.

And at least 1 of her kids is happy to be seen with her (Mstr5 is my Luke, in so many ways).

What else could you possibly want as a mother, right?

As for the Baby Daddy's out there, I have a suggestion for your own foolproof parenting role model.

Barney Stinson.

No, really.

Particularly if you have daughters.

Because you will be well versed in all the shady behaviour and seedy pick up lines to warn your little princesses about, before you let them out the door on their first date and/or rave party.

To prove my point and study up on the parenting styles of the great Barnie Stinson and Claire Dunphy, I have a giveaway.

How I Met Your Mother and Modern Family Giveaway

That's three books by the master himself, Barney Stinson, plus Season 8 of How I Met Your Mother on DVD (the yellow umbrella edition).  Accompanied by what every girl wants, a Phil Dunphy pillow case (really), and Season 4 of Modern Family on DVD.

Terms and Conditions
  • Entry is open to Australian residents only
  • Only entries who complete all sections of the form will be deemed valid
  • Entries close midnight (WST) Monday 27th January 2014
  • Winner will be contacted via email Tuesday 28th January 2014
  • Winner announced on the Facebook page Tuesday 28th January 2014.
  • Winner has seven (7) days to respond before I seriously consider WWBD (What Would Barney Do) before coming to my senses and simply conducting a re-draw (far more lame that what Barney would do, but probably safer for all concerned).


  1. I've shared my TV parenting role model. Would love to win, they are the two favourite shows in our house.

  2. I've shared my TV parenting role model. Ive watched every episode until season 8 of HIMYM, I'm dying to watch it!

  3. I've shared my TV parenting role model.

  4. I've shared my TV parenting role model. Amazing giveaway

  5. "I've shared my TV parenting role model"

  6. I've shared my TV parenting role model


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