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Monday, January 6, 2014

The Twin Tornado turn 5

The Twin Tornado officially become Mstr5 and Miss5 today.

I'm sincerely hoping this marks the end to a couple of eras

Mstr5's affections for absently wedging a finger up his nostril and just leaving it there.

Miss5's inability to address people in anything less than eardrum shattering volume.

It also heralds the start of a new era

Having to pay for them to pillage the Sizzler salad bar (but don't think I won't lie and try and pass them off as 4 year old still, for at least a couple of months).

6 nuggets in their Happy Meal instead of 3.

Full time schooling.

I'm full of questions about where this age will take them

Maybe Mstr5 will be old enough to work out where his nuts are.

Miss5 could finally be old enough to use her vocabulary of 'shed words' in the correct context.

Only time and the wisdom of age can tell.

When we asked them what they wanted for their birthday, and how they wanted to celebrate, this is what they requested

Mstr5 - I want a doot Mum.  A doot and a party on that boat with Alvin and The Chipmunks.  And can I sing with them?  You can sing too Mum, but not loud.  Not so I can hear you.

Totally attainable....

Miss5 - Can I have a Barbie car. A real one. A big one. Like yours, but Barbie's. Please Mum.  And can I go to Bali for my party with Tinah (the beloved Nanny).  But not you or Daddy or Neala or Joel.  Just me.  And maybe Pop too, but only if he doesn't eat all my cake.

Again, highly realistic....

I'm excited that they're growing up, but hilarious statements like those make me wish they'd stay little, engrossed in their own version of the world for a while longer.  Like maybe 5-7 more years.


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  1. Full time schooling - every parent's nirvana.

  2. I couldn't possibly admit to being more excited about that than the birthday itself.


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