Friday, March 28, 2014

FFS!? Friday : A week of winning

So this actually happened, totally No FFS!? worthy.
Obviously I was the one in blue, tossing up a can of cream coffee chaser, and then getting stupidly excited over the 10am open bar.
2 of my best girlfriends making guest appearances in grey.

This week it is a FFS!?-free FFS!? Friday.

You see, I've had quite the winning week.

It started last Friday, when I met two of my best buddies for coffee after dropping the kids off at school.  No FFS!?

As usual, they were both running late, and so I entertained myself with witty and informative texts letting them know what they were missing out on, as shown above.

Enormous No FFS!? to all of that.

But mostly to the fact that one of them immediately phoned me to say she would be there imminently, and we would be hitting the bar first, not the coffee shop.  No FFS!?

Best Friday ever.  No FFS!?

Sunday, #1Hubby left for Bali with #1Brother.

You may think that's worthy of a FFS!? because I'm left home with the kids, but I turned it into a No FFS!? by taking every opportunity to crush #1Hubby's pre-holiday high by pointing out that it was exactly 1 week until he had to come home and I got to go to Bali.  No FFS!?

Which means that I am now 2 days out from a week of cocktails in the pool, someone else cooking my meals and cleaning my room, and sleeping whenever I want for as long as I want.  No FFS!?

Mostly, I got shit sorted with the annual school Easter Raffle.  No FFS!?

Following last week's panic-post, I have resolved all issues and checked all the boxes.  No FFS!?

Easter Bunny suit located and not remotely stinky or mouldy.  No FFS!?

Parent to wear said suit and act like a tool for the kids willingly located.  Willingly.  No FFS!?

OCD and ADHD tendencies satisfied with a week of stamping 1,800 individual raffle tickets with the raffle information.  No FFS!?

Am on a roll.  Expecting a chocolate coated George Clooney to show up at my hotel room with my pool towel.  Fingers crossed.  No FFS!?


  1. Definitely a winning week for you !!
    Have the BEST time in Bali.

  2. You realise that we are all expecting photographic evidence of a chocolate coated George Clooney weilding a pool towel. No FFS. Meanwhile I dont have a pool and cant get a leave pass to Bali but if Fassbender wants to drop by Chez Abulous with a towel I'm good with it.

    1. If I could get one, I would be plastering it all over the interwebz, rubbing it in to everyone.

      You'd just have to send DadAbs to the shed for an hour or so.

  3. Hahaha too funny!! Definitely no FFS's in your Friday!! Enjoy Bali you lucky thing and I hope we get to see a pic if the Easter Bunny suit xx

    1. Thank you, I certainly will.

      I'll try and get a few shots of the bunny before the kind and generous Mum volunteer tries to smack me down.

  4. Haha hilarious!! enjoy Bali although remember to take the Immodium just in case!!
    Oh no, hope i didn't just jinx you!! xx

  5. Too late to wish you a ball but ROCK IT girl - enjoy and soak up the help. LMAO at the Easter bunny suit, now that's commitment. Can't wait to hear how it goes and remember DO NOT DRINK WATER, we don't want another repeat of last time, wait hang on, it was a great read :)

  6. There's always some fool willing to dress up in a rabbit costume and act the idiot. I'm glad you found him/her.


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