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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It's time

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Brilliant idea - I shall write an eBook, then buy copies for my immediate family for Christmas, thus earning me about 48 cents.  To go towards my new work wardrobe.

So I have quit my beloved Saturday job.

Clearly I had some sort of temporary amnesia and total lapse in judgement when I quit.

Otherwise I would've very quickly remembered all the bickering and noise The Feral Threesome create outside of school hours.

I would've recalled the injustice and pain of getting up at the arse crack of dawn on a weekend to go watch your kid dawdle distractedly around the edge of a sporting oval / court, because they aren't actually that interested but are persevering because you paid good money for the team uniform and they will receive their weekend's Vitamin D and exercise whether they / you like it or not.

If I'd taken the time to recall these facts, I would've kept on going to work in a vacant, quiet office with a kick ass coffee machine every Saturday.

But in reality, it was becoming too difficult to manage around the kids as they got older.  The weekend commitments plus having them all at school full time this year, means that I felt like I wasn't really seeing that much of them.

I have been wandering around the house during school hours, bored, frustrated, not actually enjoying the peace and quiet and shiny clean floors.

It's been niggling away at me, the fact that I'm home doing nothing while they're at school, but missing out on one of the 2 days a week when we can do stuff together.

Last Saturday, Miss5 nearly beheaded me when I left for work.  She wouldn't let go.  And she is my least cuddly kid.

It's time.

Time to parent all weekend, every weekend.

#1Hubby is trying, in vain, to hide his delight.

And so now I'm looking for school hours work.

Something I haven't had to do in forever.

And I mean, forever.

My first job led to my second, which led to my third and I stayed in that company until I had kids, then moved to another company part time with one of my former supervisors.

I haven't had a resume since the days of paper copies and written applications.

I can't even recall the last time I was interviewed.

It's a little daunting returning to the job market.

This week I checked out what was available in Perth, during school hours.

Not. Much.

I'm not fussy.  I don't care what I do, so long as it funds my Asian holiday addiction and fits in around school hours.

The kids are happy, #1Hubby is psyched, and I'm looking forward to it.

Until they wake me up at the crack of dawn on Saturday, to tie their sneakers and find their team uniform.  Until I realise that I'm not being paid for the conflict resolution, after the fifth argument before midday.  Then I will resume whining and possibly re-apply for my old job.

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