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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Kids Activities Delivered : Giveaway

Because all good things come in three's, here's my third giveaway.

A hat trick of giveaways, if you will.

And this one is probably the easiest for me, because this review pretty much writes itself - 

  • Delivered straight to your door
  • Entertain your kids without the assistance of electronic devices
  • Passively educate them while they're attempting to glue their fingers together
  • Pat yourself on the back for doing craft activities with your kids
  • all from the comfort of your lounge room
  • Wearing elastic waisted pants.  Or Pyjamas
  • With wine.  You, not the kids


Kids Activities Delivered is a genius Aussie company who have put together themed activity boxes that will both entertain and educate your little people.

You can choose from five themes:

The website lists the different activities associated with each theme, so you can choose the box that best suits your kids' interests and abilities.

I saw "make your own snow globe" and was immediately all WE ARE DOING ANTARCTICA! without even consulting my kids.

Our package arrived addressed to the kids, which gave them as much excitement as opening the package itself.

It's the little things that really excite my little people

We commenced crafting over the Easter break and school holidays.

I'm not going to lie, I expected it to be painful for a completely craft-less anti-activity participator like yours truly.  But once I got that first whiff of craft glue and spotted the googly eyes, I was in.

Please enjoy my exceptionally amateur attempt at a little photo montage of our crafting in action:

Behold, the Antarctica Activity Box.
Love that there is three of everything, right down to the last sparkly pipe cleaner.

Penguin Finger puppets.  Featuring googly eyes recently shot out of Mstr5's nose

Snowflakes.  The girls nearly lost their shit over the sparkle and bead factor

Snow Globes.  Just pretend the lumps of white clay are glaciers.
Took every ounce of my being to stop my OCD self from making the glaciers more.....glacier like

I did not lose my shit once.  I almost went postal at one point because Mstr5 insisted on inserting the googly eyes into his nostrils so he could make them shoot across the table with one rapid fake sneeze.

Delightful, and not part of the included activities.

I didn't get photos of the diorama, and while I'd like to be able to offer an appropriate excuse, the truth is, I was too busy creating craft glue shapes and gluing my fingers together.

Am nothing if not totes mature....

The kids loved their Kids Activities Delivered box, and it really broke up the school holidays boredom on the rainy days.

With the added bonus of Mstr5 discovering a new talent that I'm sure he'll gladly whip out for the next school talent show.

Win a Kids Activities Delivered box

I have two Kids Activities Delivered boxes to give away

For your chance to win, complete the entry form below.

Entries close Tuesday 20th May

The Fine Print:

  • Entry is open to Australian residents only
  • Entries open Tuesday 13th May
  • Entries close midnight (WST) Tuesday 20th May
  • Only entries completing all required sections of the entry form will be valid
  • One (1) entry per person
  • Winners announced on the Facebook Page Wednesday 21st May
  • Winners have seven (7) days to respond before I display my frustration and disappointment via inappropriate words made from the leftover craft glue, then conduct a redraw
  • Prizes issued by Kids Activities Delivered.

Must now go make a list of all the kiddy birthdays coming up, and congratulate myself on finding a unique gift that doesn't cost a fortune, and doesn't require leaving my living room to organise.  Or gift wrap.  Because OMG how much does wrapping paper cost these days?


  1. Card making, gift wrapping and a gift tag making kit. Stuff the kids. Im forking out that much $ the moment for 1st bdays and Mothers Day and babies being born presents and cards. Maybe if i could do my own, id be able to save and spend it on things like........say wine!! I do really like the wine making kit idea too.

  2. I love this idea!! I would love to win the outer space kit

  3. would love to win outer space themed activity box for my son .

  4. These are a fantastic idea. I think a Candyland themed kit would go down a treat :)

  5. Space theme here too. Seems popular.

  6. Gift wrap sucks! I just buy those bags $1 and chuck them in that - tight ass! The outer space would rock my kid's world
    (And I''d like a Russian (vodka) themed one!)

  7. Ancient Egypt sounds exciting & facinating my kids (and I) would LOVE it!

  8. This is awesome and will be a life saver when I have my baby in July and need the kids to entertain themselves while I feed a newborn.

  9. Surprise me thank you. Such a brilliant idea.

  10. Birds please.

  11. I would love the outer space kit! What a fabulous idea! Thank you for sharing.

  12. sometimes, all around me are space critters and aliens - oops that just my kids- would love outer space

  13. Any pack would be loved by my kids :)

  14. Outer space would be great to win.

  15. for my granddaughters!

  16. Antarctica a facinating environment the kids are very interested in it right now this would make them so happy.

  17. Outer space would most definitely get those little hands and brains going!


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