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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#Babycinos4Bambinos : Coffee for a cause

Two of my most favourite things in the world – coffee and my kids.

Don’t ask me which comes first, especially not during school holidays….

Coffee has always been my go-to vice of choice (in the hours when wine isn’t socially acceptable).

I love me a café visit, sipping flat whites while pretending I’m somewhere exotic (not the local shopping centre), Channing Tatum draped across the chair opposite (not three sticky mini-me’s vying for pole position closest to my person).

My most frequented kiddy-friendly café was always the Gloria Jeans Café inside Myer at Morley Galleria – the play area kept my kids occupied through two flat white’s every single time, without fail.  It was my haven when I was out of ideas on how to stop The Feral Threesome from going all ‘Hunger Games’ on each other.

The whole attached shopping centre was merely a fringe benefit.

I was recently sitting in said café enjoying a flat white when I received an email about a new Telethon campaign – Babycinos for Bambinos.

Enjoy café visits with the kids?  Take pleasure out of treating them to a babycino?  How about upping the ante and treating yourself to some good karma at the same time?

Babycinos for Bambinos is a Telethon campaign where café’s forego charging for babycino’s.  Instead, you donate whatever you can afford, whatever you would normally spend on babycino’s, to Telethon, via the donation buckets at participating café’s.

It’s a win-win situation – you get your quiet time to indulge your chosen daydream, the kids get their babycino, and Telethon raises funds for children in need.

Is there any easier way to do your bit to support the most worthy of causes?  Seriously, I’m asking.  Because if there is anything easier than that, I’d be keen to do that too.

Head to your local café and look for the Telethon Babycinos for Bambinos sticker and collection bucket.

If it’s not there, then nominate them here.

A list of café’s supporting this great initiative will be available on the official website shortly. 

I leave you with an image depicting a very rare display of sisterly affection, solidarity.  A non-hostile encounter between my girls on one of our many babycino visits to Myer’s Gloria Jeans at Morley Galleria.

Proof that I have taken my kids somewhere other than McDonalds...

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  1. Isn't it nice when your kids get along - a rare treat at my joint too. Great cause and I hope lots of people get behind it!


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