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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Beados : Review and Giveaway

In the interests of full disclosure, I was not present when this review took place.  And that said, please allow me to tell you all about it....

I received a box of Beados to review just prior to the last school holidays.  Being the wise and desperate mother that I am, I immediately put the box in the laundry to flaunt as behavioural bribery during the holidays.

I am also easily distracted and forgetful....squirrel!

The kids kept whining about the box in the laundry and I was all "Shhhh....Mummy is watching TV" because I had forgotten what was in the box that had since become the supporting structure for Mount Washmore.

Last week I managed to conquer the mountain, so to speak, and re-discovered the Beados.

There was a degree of guilt, and much dismay over my poor domestic skillz distracted forgetfulness  meaning I survived the entire school holidays without using this much coveted weapon.

A heavy weekend of Beadoing was promptly scheduled.

Conveniently, right when I was already booked to get my sausage sizzle on for the kids' school.

So #1Hubby donned his crafting apron** and channeled his inner Art Teacher and enjoyed some quality time with the kids.

And therein finishes the review.

My house is adorned with beady Beados bling from top to bottom.

I have been advised the names of each beady pet more times than I care to admit.

I have used the remaining Beados as bribery for homework, vege consumption and room cleaning more times than I care to brag.

The kids love them.

The fact that #1Hubby is still standing is proof of the awesome power of Beados.

The kids' official review in one word (because we're all about the less is more):

Miss9 : Awesome
Miss5 : Cool
Mstr5 : Mooftastic

(Mstr5's supreme rating scale ranges from parp to mooftastic, so this is indeed the equivalent of a 10/10).

Amazingly, not one child attempted to consume or insert a single Beados.

I think.

I'll let you know if anything comes up to disprove that claim.

According to #1Hubby - the best part - all you need is water.  Which means that, apparently, you can set them up, show them what to do, then return to the comfort of the lounge and the sport channel while they Beado it up.  AKA - PASSIVE SUPERVISION.

Thanks to Moose Toys, I have a Beados pack to giveaway

Perfectly timed for Christmas present giftage and school holidays entertainment requiring nothing more than passive supervision!

Entries close Thursday 4 December

The fine print:
  • Entry is open to Australian and New Zealand residents only
  • Entries open Thursday 27 November
  • Entries close midnight (WST) Thursday 4 December
  • Only entries that have completed all sections of the entry form above will be deemed eligible
  • There is one (1) prize of a Beados pack
  • Winner will be announced on the Facebook Page
  • Winner has seven (7) days to respond, before I use the kids' Beados kit to create a few 'shed words' to demonstrate my disappointment, and then conduct a re-draw.

So all's well that ends well.  The kids spent a day crafting and not being entertained by the various electronic devices.  #1Hubby did not whine for Australia when I got home late that afternoon.  And I now have a number of affordable 'stocking filler' options, thanks to the various Themed Refill Packs.  Winning!

**#1Hubby's Crafting Apron is a design I am planning on patenting.  It involves a beer holder,  remote control pocket, and some pretty yet totally manly frilling around the edges.


  1. I want to win a Beados Gift Pack!

  2. I want to win a Beados Gift Pack!

  3. Hold the phone. A craft the kids enjoy and keeps them occupied that doesn't leave me house coated in glitter and teeny tiny bits of paper? GIVE IT! I want to win a Beados gift pack (aka school holiday sanity!).

  4. I want to win a Beados Gift Pack!

  5. Pretty poor review for not including a trip to the ER for Beado removal. I would have liked a testimonial from an ER doc to find out if they are easier to remove from the ear of the nose.

  6. Mine didn't even stuck together, last night went to the ER for one gone through the nose, the Dr. Never found it and assumed she swallowed it, because plastic cannot be seen in x-rays


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