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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bing Lee winning : The big reveal

EXPOSED : I went to bed with an electrical appliance......a Dyson DC59 vacuum.

That is what had #1Hubby more excited than [Insert any reasonable and normal object that you would expect to excite a 42 year old male....].

All courtesy of Bing Lee.

About them....

Personally, I am a shopper.  Some people are not.  I have no idea what those people do instead.  Drink?  Loom bands?

While I quite enjoy a trip around my local shopping centre, I don't enjoy touring the various whitegoods retailers of a weekend, getting all passive-aggressive with #1Hubby if he dare disagree with my choices.

And the kids just ADORE spending their school-free weekends sitting in the car, going in and out of boring shops, being threatened with all manner of nastiness (nothing but spinach for the rest of the weekend / no TV) if they don't STFU and refrain from touching all of the things.

Plus, isn't it always the way, that the cheapest price ends up being either the first or second store you tried.  And when you go back, they're out of stock.  So you have to return to the sixth store where it was $5 more and is in stock....

Forget that.

Don't even bother removing your elastic waisted garb in order to leave the house.

Brushing your teeth and hair?  Why bother.

In fact, I highly recommend browsing their wares with a glass of wine, in your pyjamas, while ignoring your children.

From the time I selected the item on the Bing Lee site to receiving it here in WA - which may as well be the end of the earth compared to the rest of Australia, where deliveries are concerned - was just on a week.

Which is really handy, because I am crap at keeping a secret, and had managed to tell the kids in even that short period of time.  So I then had to threaten them all with a ban on electronic devices if any of them dared even hint about the giftage to their father.

So, on to the list of wins I can chalk up to Bing Lee's Dyson gift this past week :

    #1Hubby  :   It's your turn to take the kids to karate
    Me            :   (From bed on Saturday morning)
    #1Hubby  :   Yes it is
    Me            :   DYSON
    #1Hubby  :   (Sigh)...yeah okay, fair enough.  Come on kids, time to get ready

    #1Hubby  :   What's for dinner?
    Me            :   OMG I just fed you like 6 hours ago?!
    #1Hubby  :   That was lunch.
    Me            :   I can't be bothered cooking.  I feel like takeaway
    #1Hubby  :   (Look of shock because I almost never suggest takeaway)
    Me            :   Yep.  But I'm not going to get it.
    #1Hubby  :   It's your turn.  I got it last time.
    Me            :   Yeah but I want another glass of wine.
                         And I don't feel like putting 'outside' clothes on
    #1Hubby  :   I want to have another beer.  It's. Your. Turn.
    Me            :   DYSON
    #1Hubby  :   (Sigh)...fine.  But this is getting old...

    Me            :   I'm going to bed to watch TV
    #1Hubby  :   It's 7pm?
    Me            :   Yes indeed it is.
    #1Hubby  :   The kids are still up.  They need a bath.
    Me            :   Ohhh, yeah.  Forgot about them.  Anyway, god speed.
   #1Hubby  :   No no no.  Come back here.
    Me           :   DYSON
   #1Hubby  :   (Sigh)...FFS.  This is the last time.  THE LAST TIME!

Heh, sure it is.

Anyway, enough about me and my awesome week of winning (it's the little things), on to the winner of the Bing Lee $100 gift card....


Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Because Kathryn had the foresight to suggest next year's gift - a garment steamer.  Watch this space (said the wife who doesn't iron).

For those of you bummed that you didn't win, fear not - Bing Lee is offering a discount to anyone interested in purchasing anything from this range of vacuum's.

Just enter the code BLOG5OFF at the checkout.

You know you want to - think of all the sleep-ins, getting out of kids sports duty on weekends, being able to have that extra wine instead of driving to get the takeaway because you can't be bothered cooking - basically all of the leverage you can hold over your significant other.  For the foreseeable future.  Possibly until the end of time, should your partner be as totally enamoured with vacuum's as mine is.

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  1. I bought myself (my cleaning lady) a dyson vacuum last year and it's the only one I've ever really wanted to use. I just love seeing the barrel fill up. I even love emptying it because I know that all that crap isn't in our carpet where I lie and stretch.


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