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Monday, January 19, 2015

Piss off, Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime, bringing it to our own resident tyrant.

AKA #1Pop screwing with Miss6 to the point of pissing her off enough that she leaves her beloved position draped on the lounge.

Step 1 : Optimus Prime makes contact with a less than amused Miss6

Her angelic facial expression just screams invitation.

Step 2 : Optimus Prime senses an opportunity to give her the shits (for a change) and goes in for the kill

To be fair, it was a pretty shit robot impersonation.

Step 3 : Nailed it

Masking his victorious laughter.

Ahh family...always screwing with you for their own entertainment.

Family and politicians.

These two are currently propping up the swim up pool bar.

Sharing a banana smoothie.

Both pinching the straw when the other one takes their turn, to ensure they don't get too much.

PS - Apologies for the dodgy photo work.  Was shaking from laughing so much.  Was more concerned about my pelvic floor than the focus.


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