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Monday, January 5, 2015

The Twin Tornado turn six tomorrow. I can't deal.

This was just a week ago.
Expecting to see them smoking and drinking any day now.

My babies are turning six tomorrow.


I can't deal.

Today alone, so much evidence of them growing up that I can't cope with.

They swim - and don't need me to hold them up in the water or stay within arm's reach in case they lose their balance.

They iPad - All. The. Time.

They sing with me - but not nursery rhymes.  Instead, they're correcting my Katy Perry lyrics, my Ed Sheeran song titles.

They rap faster and more clearly than me.

They totally know when I'm bullshitting them - and sometimes they still humour me.

Mature much?

I asked them what they wanted to do for their birthday.

Mstr5's list of demands included:
  • Ride a motorbike.  On his own.
  • Fart - because that's funny to a boy no matter how old and grown up they think they are.
  • Eat chocolate....and capsicum (I have no idea...)
  • Talk to #1Nana (suck up)
  • Ride his scooter (epic tanty when I denied this one.  Deciding it was not worth the flight back to Perth to pick it up and bring it to him)

Miss5's list of demands included:
  • Swim
  • Tell #1Pop off (her favourite past time)
  • Ride a unicorn (screwing with me, as she knows they're not real)
  • Go to McDonalds (the one at home, not the one here in Bali...FFS)
  • Surprise herself (massive debate over how someone could possibly surprise themself)
  • Say shed words without getting told off (actually agreed to this one, on the proviso she only whispered them so #1Nana wouldn't find out and tell me off)

Sincerely hope they enjoy spending their special day as previously planned - moving to another hotel - with a free Kids Club 12 hours a day (it's like a gift to them and me).

May advise the hotel it is their birthday, in the hopes of a free cake - because I totally forgot to organise one in all my non-rushed, non-taxing, non-domestic holiday time.

1 comment:

  1. Farting is not just the exclusive comedic domain of the male of the species. I've heard many an hysterical one expelled from the fairer sex. Usually at an inappropriate moment - which is why it's so hysterical.

    Happy Birthday twins. I hope all your Birthday wishes come true. Or if not that someone can manage to find some cake.


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