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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It's been a while. Also, I may have Tourette's

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It's been a while between posts, and I sincerely apologise for ruining your internets with my absence.

In my defence, I have been super busy with other things.

Like teaching #1Nana how to use her computer - a massive task in its own right, but it also required me to simultaneously will myself not to face plant the old dinosaur machine she's replacing, in an effort to knock myself out and end the trauma of it all - while also refraining from using shed words in her presence, directed solely at her and her wellbeing.

Because, patience.

It took a solid week of not speaking of the whole weekend-long experience for me to get over it.

And we are still on speaking terms, so I'm calling it a win.

I also started a new job.  While still working my other job.  And mothering The Feral Threesome.  Clearly I have been the most busiest of all of the people.

Nobody rush to get up, I'm already patting myself on the back.

And waiting for my United Nations Multitasking Woman of Awesomeness 2015 award.

It's between me, Angelina and Octomom.  I'm quietly confident.

Finally, I topped all of that stress and awesomeness off with a girls-only mini vacay to Bali.

Me and five of my best girlfriends.

Hitting 'it' hard for five solid days.

It being the shops, the restaurants, and the odd bar.

My girlfriends cemented their places in my heart by realising that I may suffer from Tourette's, and still hanging with me despite my loud and random outbursts.

Coupled with my unique laugh.

It's kind of like a drunk walrus...but completely ladylike and attractive.

Trust me.

Which leads me to the most awesome thing that has ever happened to me in my brief and youthful existence....ahem.

Sorry kids - but even your arrival could not possibly compete with this....

All will be revealed in the next blog post - because the most awesome moment in my life warrants its own post.

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  1. A holiday with friends is so much better than a holiday with the spouse. All the fun but none of the obligatory sex.


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