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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Feeling blue

Remember that whole global internet debate over the colour** of the sequined dress?

The fact that people would devote so much time and energy to it is beyond me.

I mean, who really cares?

In my house, we have a far more serious colour debate raging.


And if you can, kudos to you.  Because you and Mstr6 are the only two beings on Earth who can.

Exhibit A - THE blue school tracksuit pants of choice

Exhibit B - not THE blue school tracksuit pants of choice

Exhibit C - Smart arse.  Total, bloody, smart arse.
Told me to point to THE blue tracksuit pants after turning his back and mixing them up.
I am no longer leaving him all of my jewels.

Note: They are the exact same shade of blue, despite one pair appearing darker than the other in the images.

That's because THEY ARE EXACTLY THE SAME.  Purchased from the same store, at the same time, worn and washed the same number of times, faded to the same shade.

I spent - and I'm ashamed to admit this - one whole hour having a heated debate with Mstr6 over these very tracksuit pants, which only ended when the girls weighed in to advise that it was 8:15am.  And nobody had eaten breakfast, let alone packed lunches.

That's an hour of my life that I will never get back, and for that, I am considering removing Mstr6 from my last will and testament.

You see, he only wants to wear THE blue tracksuit pants to school (Exhibit A).

Totally lost his shit when I could only locate Exhibit B blue tracksuit pants.

Which were shunned because they were blue tracksuit pants, but not blue tracksuit pants.

All of the outrage and woe.

I can't even.....

I have never uttered so many shed words in my life.

Yes.  Me.  I am making that call.

It was that bad.

I took great delight when he tripped over while putting on the non-preferred pair after an hour's stand-off.

Not an ounce of maternal care masking my inner 14 year old laughing and pointing at him.

I then took great solace in not buttering his sandwich for lunch that day.  Nor did I cut it in quarters.  I even gave his sisters a yoghurt** and him carrot sticks.

Edit: This actually occurred a couple of weeks ago.  I didn't realise my scheduled post had not gone live.  BUT FEAR NOT...because this has happened twice more since I wrote the post...FFS.

At this point, I would like you to take note of the fact that I've labelled both items Exhibit A and Exhibit B in order to assist in the court proceedings when one of us does the other one in, during a fit of rage over the blue versus blue debate.  Exhibit C is to justification for whatever may occur as a result of this ongoing debate.

**Apologies to my US friends.  These are not typos.  That's how we spell colour/color and yoghurt/yogurt here in Aus.

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