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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I just can't....

This image visually assaulted me when I pried my eyes open at the arse crack of dawn, thanks to three man-flu riddled kids and THREE kittens (more on that sudden increase in feline figures later)...and flopped down in front of my laptop to check Facebook....

That is #1Hubby and his boyfriends at MY Champagne Bar in Bali.


While I am home looking after his sick children.

Double bastard.

And missing a blog-related trip.

Triple bastard.

I won't even get into the unspeakables that THREE kittens are subjecting me to, on my own.

Quadruple bastard.

EXHAUSTIPATED : Too tired to give a shit.

But I will later.

And I will refer to this post when I need to remind myself why I am going all woe is me martyr.  In case my flu fatigue causes me to forget all the crosses that I am bearing while he is boozing in Bali at MY bar.

**Nobody mention all the trips I take to exciting places like the US for BlogHer, Cambodia and Vietnam (annually), or the girls trip to Bali with my sister wives just a couple of months ago.  I bet this is how he feels every time I go away.  Totally does not count right now.


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