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Monday, June 22, 2015

The snowball effect : becoming travel bloggers

#1Hubby      I want to go on a holiday.

Me                Me too.

#1Hubby      How good would it be to go to Vegas.

Me                Hell yes.  But have you forgotten about The Feral Threesome?

#1Hubby      Oh yeah...

Thinks for a few seconds

#1Hubby      You went when you were a kid.  Where did you go?

Me                 Circus Circus.  Awesome place.
                      I spent most of my time there while the #1Grandparents gambled.

#1Hubby       See, family-friendly holiday.

Me                It pains me to say this, but you are right.
                     What about the rest of the time?
                     Or are we just going to leave them there the entire trip?

#1Hubby's a pretty big place....

Me                That's true....

#1Hubby      We could also take them to Disneyland or Disney World.

Me                That totally amps up the 'family' factor.  Nice one.

#1Hubby      Do you reckon we've got enough frequent flyer points to upgrade?

Me                Actually we do.  But only for us.  

#1Hubby      Bummer.  For the kids, I mean.

Me                Exactly.

Because, we are allowed to dream. 

Me                I like the kids and all.  I'm not saying we don't get along.
                     But I don't really want to spend all of my holiday time with them.
                     Definitely not 'Happy Hour'.

#1Hubby      Yeah.  Definitely.
                     We'd probably need a Nanny or something.
                     Good call.

Me                Do you think they'd fly in economy with the kids?
                     Then we can upgrade to business class?

Both of us   Ahahahahahahaha.

More dreaming.

#1Hubby      What about a cruise?
                     We've been looking at cruises.
                     We could do one of those Disney cruises while we're there.

Me                Nailed it.
                     It is now a 100% family-friendly trip, all about the kids.
                     We are merely selfless supervisors.
                     Going along to facilitate their childhood enjoyment.

We actually high five at this point.

#1Hubby      We are awesome parents.

Me                I know, right?!

#1Hubby, can we?

Me                Why not.
                     Firstly, which bank are we going to rob to pay for all of this?

Dripping with sarcasm.

Which was totally lost / wasted on him.

#1Hubby      Funny.  Can't you just blog about it?

Me                What?

#1Hubby      You know, just offer to blog about it all and - 

Snorting and laughing while interrupting him....

Me                That is a great idea!
                     Because shit like that happens ALL. THE. TIME.

#1Hubby      Really?
                     Don't be a smart ass.

I'm now riding my beloved sarcasm train and can't get off

Me                No for real.
                     I'm going to write about this conversation.
                     Then we'll wait for the offers to immediately roll in.
                     Because who wouldn't want in on this? 

#1Hubby      Shut up.

Me                Can you check your diary for me?

#1Hubby      Why?

Me                Just so we can arrange a time to sift through the many, many emails.
                     We need to work out which ones we are prepared to accept.
                     Probably need to block out a few hours to get through it all.

#1Hubby      Funny.

Some more snort-laughing

Me                I'd hate to have the rest of the world feel left out.
                     Maybe we should open it up to Europe too?

#1Hubby leaves the room, muttering various shed words in my direction

Me                Think of all the wineries!
                     And the cheese!
                     And pasta!

Pretty sure he went to look for a second job for each of us, to fund this magical, amazing holiday that all started over coffee yesterday morning, while browsing the Travel lift-out of the Sunday paper.

And also to start up his own blog in an attempt to elicit extravagant travel review offers. was your Sunday?


  1. Imaginary travelling is just as good as the real thing. Or I'm pretty sure it is cause that's what my husband keeps telling me.

    1. Just between you and me, I think he's deceiving you. I can't get the same enjoyment out of an imaginary pina colada in my bathtub, as I do from a real one at a swim up bar!

  2. Hi Georgia. I just found your blog and your Snowball Effect post made me laugh. These conversations happen at my house too :) I love your blog, so I've lined to you from my "Who's Funny" page at You're awesome!


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