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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Still here. Still liberating booze and tablecloths

It's been a while.

I'm sorry for that / you're welcome.

You see, I've been super busy tooling around on Facebook and Pinterest.

Saving / noting all the Festive stuffs I have no intention of actually doing.

Trawling Twitter and struggling to reduce my rambling to the maximum character limit.

No chance.  Not even after a bottle of bubbly when I, personally, find myself to be at my wittiest.

I've been really busy at work.  Working super hard trying to be respectable and mature and not use swears while dealing with grade school children.

It's been tough.

Trying not to use too many swears with my own children.


Created a decent back story to impress my high school peeps at our recent reunion.

Forgot my story before I even arrived.

Liberated a whole bottle of champagne for the single-glass toast on the school grounds.

Went through my old boarding house, and explained to the current boarders how and where we used to escape to smoke.

Liberated a tablecloth from the after party because it was in the school colours.  Obviously.

Spent a HUGE amount of time chastising myself for not blogging recently.

Broke the drought with this stellar effort, which I commenced so #1Hubby would go pick the kids up from school - because, BUSY BLOGGING.

Wheeled and dealed like a pro.

Stay tuned for next year's travel blogging hilarity, trying out a Bali hotel chain.

#1Hubby is psyched to actually be invited.  

We're both slightly less psyched because the kids are also invited.

Started a pre-reunion diet.


Multiple times.

Each day for about 6 weeks.

Started a pre-Bali Xmas diet.

Things are going amazingly well so far.

As in I started it today, and as of 2:48pm I have not failed.

But I have Googled "Calorie content of St Remy Brandy".

All the woo-ing and hoo-ing because it's like 100 calories per serve (so....200 for my big girl glass).

So anyway, I'm still here.

Not that anyone asked.

Attempting to continue exploiting my shit parenting on a more regular basis, once again.

You're welcome / my apologies.

I leave you with a pic of my recent hard core, fancy pants, birthday partying antics....

All of the class


  1. Hahaha - blogging to avoid school pick up. I used to volunteer to do school pick up to avoid work. There's always something worse.

  2. Great legs Georgia! I think I've seen similar versions on your mum. You obviously inherited all the good things. Enjoy Bali. Anne and Pete

  3. HA) It seems to me that we are a little bit a like. I have a lot of really strange moments in my life.

  4. You seem so festive and relaxed lol.


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