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Monday, June 12, 2017

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

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Okay you guys. I have a bazillion excuses for you re: my absence.

Not in any order....

I found a whole lot more Real Housewives of the World style reality TV shows
(that would totally be #1 if this was in order).

I started studying - because who else would you want teaching young impressionable minds?

(Don't worry, I've spent a few years working at The Feral Threesome's school to ensure I could control the swears when I'm on premises - who knew I could?! Anyway, university gahhhhh so much work).

I'm lazy.

I'm still lazy.

I'm lazy about doing something about being lazy.

I also happen to have suffered from writers block.

Seriously - as kids grow up they do way less stuff that I can exploit for my own humour.  It's a little disappointing, and I have tried to set them up on occasion, just for a laugh.

I bought a treadmill.


And I used it for a good 3 weeks prior to a holiday.

It was extremely exhausting.

The kids are now all doing homework-y stuff on the laptop.  I have to fight for screen time.  Imagine the horror!

And carnage....

I discovered home delivery dinner - Uber eats, Menulog, and all the othes I am yet to conquer!

And believe it or not, on that note, our dinner has arrived!

So I will now go and make a fuss about decanting the takeaway onto real plates so that I can appease the takeaway guilt.


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