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About me

Perth-based Domestic Goddess failure and Mum of a 7yr old girl (going on 25...aren't they all..?), and 4yr old twins.  A boy (tantrum prone, lover of all things purple and floral) who probably should've been a girl, and a girl (resident ninja tyrant ruling the toy room by fear and intimidation) who probably should've been a boy.  Girl loves eating cat biscuits, boy loves standing in the corner and yelling at walls.

While enjoying being stuck at home with the kids, I'm utilising my rapid typing skills to voice my hair-raising and stress-testing joyous parenting experiences.  It tricks me into thinking I'm actually conversing with real grown up adults and not just mini-me's.  This all happens in-between the epic struggle I wage with Miss7 over who most convincingly pulls off the illusion that they are a Miss25 - her, or me.  Usually her.

Contact Me

Media Kit
Media Kit available.  Please email me if you would like a copy.

Questions and Suggestions
I love feedback, and will respond to all of it (even the Spam variety on a slow warned Spammers, I'm pretty sure I can out-Spam you).

Guest Posting on Parental Parody
If you'd like to write a Guest Post - please email me.  I'm all for sharing the Blogging world around, and I'm fairly sure even my most enamoured followers (my Mum) would appreciate a change of tone or opinion from time to time.

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