Thursday, April 17, 2014


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Things have been a little quiet on the Western front over here.

No blog post in over a week - one person emailed me a what's up with that?

And they're related to me so it totally doesn't even count.

All hail the scheduling gods who did not post my scheduled posts over the past week.

Posts which now seem irrelevant and useless.

Possibly because they were thrown together hastily while The Feral Threesome were at work with me and I was all eyes on the prize over my solo week away that was due to commence the next day.

And of course now it's Easter and I am far too busy eating all of the chocolate to blog.

Seriously, I've purchased three lots of chocolate gifts for others, having consumed the first two.

There will be no blog posts over Easter.

Apart from consuming my body weight in chocolate and wine (because everybody knows wine goes with chocolate), I will also be doing candy.

Crushing candy.

I have been stuck on level 350 for MONTHS.

It has sufficiently shit me to the point that I am staging a sit in, where I will rotate all 4 Candy Crush enabled devices and go through my five lives on each with wild abandon and a side of desperation.

I mean, seriously...what is the secret to level 350?

I'm pretty sure my already questionable parenting is suffering from the all-consuming obsession with level 350.

To be clear, I am not obsessed with Candy Crush Saga itself, just the fact that I can't conquer level 350.

Once I get that out of the way, I will return to being all cold and aloof with the whole Saga, only giving it 5 minutes of attention early in the morning and late at night and 4 hours spent in Doctor's waiting rooms.

So, in conclusion - Happy Easter, Happy Candy Crushing, Happy whatever your chosen holiday involving chocolate and candy may be.

'Til next week.....

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I've established my dislike for the whole YOLO thing.

I'm on my way home today, so my final vacay post in pictures and only a few words is dedicated to taking the piss out of YOLO, as only the sarcastic peeps of the interwebs do best (besides the SNL and Adam Levine clip I posted about here).

A valid question

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Word, Cookie Monster

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The simplest piss takes are often the best

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Tupac: YOLT and counting

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Word, Yoda

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Nailed it

Am still on vacay.

Today's post in pictures and only a few words is dedicated to the ultimate Internet phenomenon - Nailed it.

Damn sun setting faster than the click of a camera

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Munted Minion

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Bottom's up

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Wolf in sheep's clothing?

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Heroes in a half roll of garbage bags

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Bringing the thunder

Manicure malfunction

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You da man
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