Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Anaphylaxis : It's a long term commitment

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Nothing like a hilariously inappropriate auto-correct fail to make light of a serious situation!

A few months ago we found out the hard way that Miss9 is deathly allergic to bees.

Whatever levels or measurements they use to gauge the severity of a bee allergy, she was right at the top.

Her first bee sting was a few years ago.  Her hand swelled and we thought nothing of it.

Her second was a few months ago, and resulted in a speedy ambulance trip to the childrens' hospital.

She was totally psyched to have ridden in an ambulance and prompted the use of the sirens.  Not remotely fussed or phased by any part of it.  I, on the other hand, nearly gave myself a heart attack...

Given her extremely rapid increase in allergic reactions from first to second bee sting, things did not bode well for future bee stings (bee allergy reactions become more severe with subsequent stings).

And so last month we met with the Immunologist, who recommended Miss9 commence a 3 - 5 year desensitisation treatment plan, in the hopes of reducing her allergy from deathly allergic to severely allergic.

We started last week.  Miss9 was all la la la, I can't hear you when the Immunologist explained that the treatments consisted of being injected with bee venom in increasing doses, multiple times, at each visit.

She's kind of an ignorance is bliss type of kid.

Thanks to the numbing cream, she didn't really feel the injections, and quite enjoyed her day off school, sitting in the special chair, watching TV, and ordering the chicken sushi from the hospital lunch menu.

For my part, I spent the first day pacing around, epi pen in hand, kind of like a ye olde worlde hunter with a spear, ready to stab her at the first sign of a reaction (I plan to play it much cooler at tomorrow's appointment).

Miss9 was fine, we left, and all was right with the world.

Until the next day when she experienced itching, swelling and welts where she was injected.  All totally normal.

But, child of mine, milked it for all it was worth.

I was working in the school library, and her teacher came to warn me that she was all kinds of woe is me over her itching arms.

I think the morning's crowd of concerned friends had lost interest and she was not really enjoying being out of the spotlight.

And so, somehow, her pain extended to her leg.  Either the knee, the ankle, or the whole front of her leg, depending on who was asking.

She was going for gold.

Her teacher and I had a laugh, and let it go.

Until the Teacher Aide returned to the library later that day to advise me that she was still banging on about it, and I had to sign her out of school early and keep her in the library with me until school finished for the day and I could collect the twins and head home - IN LESS THAN 10 MINUTES.

Friday came and she was still going on about her extending pain (but not at recess or lunch time when she was able bodied enough to play and run around).

It really ramped up after lunch, just before Friday afternoon sport.

But I am pleased to report that it was instantly cured when she found out that they were playing her beloved basketball.

I'm slightly apprehensive about tomorrow's second round of injections.  Not so much for her anaphylaxis, more for the lagging effect in the following days - when she realises that she is now 'old news' at school, and no matter now many fictional side effects she complains of, she will not see the spotlight move from the school's Easter parade back to her.

I'm super psyched for the next 3 - 5 years of the same...

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Relocation update : Found my new US home

I have now locked down a location for my big move to the US to become a professional Extreme Couponer.

I shall be taking up residence in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.


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I am a sucker for a Southern accent, and I'm dying to try Moonshine.

At Myrtle Manor Trailer Park, very early afternoon drinking is a socially acceptable bonding activity.  In fact, it's frowned upon if you don't do the neighbourly thing and join in.

I feel like I'd really fit in well.

I'm picturing myself, rocking on my trailer porch in a totally Southern, ladylike manner.  Taking visitors of an afternoon, sharing my DIY moonshine cocktail concoctions.

I can't believe I missed the first season.  I've only just finished binge watching the second season, and I'm completely hooked.

In love with each and every resident.

I'm hoping to score the trailer next to Amanda, because she seems like a bit of a youthful party girl.  Much like myself.

I can't wait for season three.  I've finally found something to replace the void left by Jersey Shore!

Am I the only person who wasn't aware of this 'reality' TV gem until recently?

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

THE gift - Perfect for my next anniversary

I've found it!

The gift to end all gifts.

The gift that keeps on giving.

The one item that counts as a gift for him and her.

The gift to end all marital disharmony.

The gift that helps global warming (via a reduction in toxic air freshener gases).

This is THE gift.

I don't want to talk it up or exaggerate or anything, but it is arguably as huge and impressive as the gift of life.

Seriously, I'm talking about as genius as POST IT NOTES.

Shut. Up.

I just love Bamboozo for keeping me up to date on the latest must-have shopping trends.

I bet this is where Kim Kardashian buys Kanye's gifts.

I shall be purchasing these for all of my nearest and dearest.

One pair per male.

Or are they disposable?  Will I need 365 pairs per male?  Either way, totally worth it.

Will cover a millennium worth of crappy, half-arsed, semi-well meaning giftage.

May the air always be minty fresh for you and yours.

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