Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Australia Day : It's the little things

What is more Australian to write about than a loo - this one being the 'Lano loo' at the #1Grandparents' house.

Actually, I have no idea how that makes it totally 'strayan to write about, but it seems appropriate to me and it gave me a laugh, so I'm outing my parents' sick sense of humour sharing.

This delightful image was deemed suitable for placement above the throne, the most coveted hanging position in the place - clearly, because it's where the calendar went.

Upon closer inspection, you manage to move your attention from the charming PISS OFF! pic***, to said calendar....

No appointments.

No birthdays.

No parties.


Who does that?

Who goes to the effort of documenting when they change the toilet roll, just to try and prove they change the most rolls?

The first of the month includes the tally from the previous month, obviously.

4th November was a huge day for #1Pop - no doubt victoriously celebrated with much gloating over the changing of the toilet roll and the filling up of the spare toilet roll holder.

It's the little things that keep a marriage alive after so many years together.

I can absolutely see myself walking in my parents' footsteps, taking their lead, learning from their example - and starting my own toilet roll changing tally.

For the record, #1Nana swears #1Pop lied on all but one or two of his claims.

#1Pop vehemently denied falsifying any documentation.

He actually used the word vehemently.  For emphasis.

*** This is the wall art of choice for the woman who is constantly telling me that I swear too much.

FFS, #1Nana.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Piss off, Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime, bringing it to our own resident tyrant.

AKA #1Pop screwing with Miss6 to the point of pissing her off enough that she leaves her beloved position draped on the lounge.

Step 1 : Optimus Prime makes contact with a less than amused Miss6

Her angelic facial expression just screams invitation.

Step 2 : Optimus Prime senses an opportunity to give her the shits (for a change) and goes in for the kill

To be fair, it was a pretty shit robot impersonation.

Step 3 : Nailed it

Masking his victorious laughter.

Ahh family...always screwing with you for their own entertainment.

Family and politicians.

These two are currently propping up the swim up pool bar.

Sharing a banana smoothie.

Both pinching the straw when the other one takes their turn, to ensure they don't get too much.

PS - Apologies for the dodgy photo work.  Was shaking from laughing so much.  Was more concerned about my pelvic floor than the focus.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Just finding something to whine about

As I type this, I am swilling yet another cocktail, on my hotel room veranda, across from the pool.

Enjoying watching holiday makers attempt to covertly remove their wedgies before getting out of the water.

Kids splashing in the pool and laughing.

My kids splashing in the pool and screaming declarations of war at one another.

You get the drift - tropical paradise and all that stuff.

I know how good I've got it right now.  As our trip is almost over, I find myself actually looking forward to going home.  Just a little bit.

Maybe it's all the down time I've been enjoying that's afforded me time to think and reflect.

I just can't help but get a little anxious over the stuff I have been missing back at home, during my month long absence.

Namely, my TV shows.


I'm suffering serious withdrawals from Extreme Couponing.

I got a tad emotional as I found an old supermarket receipt in my suitcase, and ran my finger down the various specials and savings.

Sure I get TV here in Bali.

And who doesn't come to Bali to sit in their room and watch TV?

But I don't get my shows.

So I'm just filling the void with other reality TV crap and the like (Gypsy Sisters, I'm looking at you).

I'm now completely invested in their lives, and so I'll have to add them to my viewing list when I get home.

It's a total burden.

But, for now, I'm spending my days trying to figure out the logistics of moving to the USA so that I can become an extreme couponer.

Trying to work out how I can sell it to #1Hubby.

Apart from the enormous savings potential, seeing us blessed with a 28 year supply of toilet paper and dog food.

We don't have a dog, BTW.

Stay tuned, and I'm open to suggestions.  I'm guessing my ideas will only get bigger and better come Happy Hour!

Also, do you think Octomom is a couponer?

She'd have to be, right?

I wonder if she has a dog?  In addition to the 74 children.

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