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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Video Blog Premiere : Featuring Woogsworld, Where's my Glow? and Kellogg's  very first video blog, AKA a V-log. sincere apologies for the video blog.

Behold...the dodgy frame that stupid You Tube chose for the still shot.

Now to wow you with said video blog.....

So, without further ado, I bring you my very own Woogs review*

Venus Pro Skin razor
There was no way this wasn't going to be a winner.  #1Hubby gives it the double thumbs up, on account of no longer suffering static shocks whenever he comes into contact with my legs.

The Porefessional pore minimising balm
Results pending.  When my craters disappear, I'll let you know.  Also, when that happens I'll be buying it in bulk to see if it can minimise my dimply ass too.

Chocolates and Oreo's
Awesome. Always. The only thing better than this is booze.

Glad Snap Lock bags
Seriously awesome. But I may be biased, as I'm addicted to these things.  I love them almost as much as vodka and Macca's playgrounds.  I probably recycle and reuse them beyond their intended life span, but I'm all about saving the environment.

Dishwasher tablets
It pains me to admit that I don't own a dishwasher.  So it was down to #1Nana to review these items.  Her official verdict : they're both good, better than washing by hand and ruining my nails.  Mrs Woog's description of the one with the zit won me over, so I pick that one.

Photo of Mrs Woog and beauty blogger's
Gawjus. It's noice, it's different, it's unusual, it's noice.  Bit disappointed nobody went the "peace fingers" or the "rabbit ears above the head".  Maybe next time.

Maybeline "The Falsies" Volum' Express mascara
When is mascara not awesome?  Going to watch Millionaire Hot Seat while wearing it, and test the anti panda eyes water proofing quality while crying profusely over whoever wins the cash.

Loreal Resist & Shine nail polish
Mstr2 preferred this one.  Because he likes the pink.  It was nice and shiny and totally made my feet look thinner.  Two thumbs up.

Orly nail lacquer
Love me some sparkly nail polish. Big thumbs up from me and the 3 kids. Not so much the cat, who wasn't impressed with Miss2 chasing after him with the brush, intent on painting his nails too.

Meet the Parents : Little Fockers 3
I can relate to this.  I often think of the feral threesome as something that sounds like Little Fockers, and there are 3 of them.  For that reason alone, this is a winner. 
Quick Eze chewy antacid
After scoffing the chocolates and cookies, this was invaluable.  Also after sculling red wine on account of the severe trauma my first video blog caused me, by seeing my pasty self on the screen, and hearing the playback of my semi-drag queen voice.

Thank you Mrs Woog.  You totally rock, but everybody already knew that about you.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the parcel I sent in response.

PS - #1 thing I learnt on the Adelaide trip : Glowless is getting an iPhone...just ask her!

PPS - Did I mention I got a parcel from Woogsworld?  I am so hot right now.

*Not actually officially endorsed by Woogsworld, because I totally forgot to ask permission in advance.  My bad, Mrs Woog...


  1. You ARE a rock star! Feel priviledged to have been in the same room as you this week!! ;)
    PS. Seriously, it was so great meeting you. You are a hoot! As in ``funny'', not as in ``an owl''.

  2. Woogsworld is a seriously lovely woman. As too are you x

  3. I really wish I had not sent you those Freddos right now x

  4. Gold - love the rock star sunnies . Mrs Woog is gold too.

  5. You should start singing "I wear my sunglasses at night" and never ever ever stop!!! You're a fabulous roomie, handbag holder and note taker MWAH!.
    P.S. Did you know I'm getting an iPhone this week???

  6. Glowy? Are you getting an iPhone?

  7. Funny you should ask, Mrs Woog, I AM!!! I'll tell you all about it...

  8. I'm iJealous. Given that Thunder Maker blew a large(ish) portion of my tax return*, whenever the tax office feel like finally depositing his tax return into our account, I'm getting me an iPhone too.

    *May or may not have actually happened, but that's how I'm justifying it to myself. :)

    So, have you got your iPhone yet Glowless?

  9. As soon as you mentioned throwing your phone like a rock star, I thought that Miss6, Miss2 and Mstr2 had better watch out, lest they are on the receiving end of it. :)

    I've often had the thought of throwing my phone at Seagull when it has been in my hand and he's pissed me off, but then I remind myself that (a) I'd end up having  to console an upset child and I'd feel bad about my #parenting fail, (b) DOCS would probably frown upon me throwing my phone at my kid and (c) I'd probably break the phone, then be all upset because I no longer have a working phone and then what would I have to do when I get bored at work and sneak away for 5 minutes?

  10. Great vlog!  Made me chuckle!  :)

  11. Jolene's Mumbo JumboNovember 19, 2011 at 5:38 PM

    Yay!  I have been waiting so long for this Georgia...and you did not disappoint.  I am a particular fan of the rockstar-just-stepped-out-of-rehab look!  Suits you...dahhhling!

  12. I will send your payment for that statement shortly, heh.  It was so great to meet you too!  I am prepared to also hoot like an owl next time, on account of your kind comments

  13. Seriously, we're all awesome.  Right?!

  14. Don't think I could possibly live without a mobile phone, so it'd have to be a toy Sesame Street phone that got thrown.

  15. Thanks, it's my permanent look, sans the sunnies.  It totally goes with the dodgy parenting that I display.


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