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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The post Christmas wrap up

So yesterday was the big day.

Santa not only came to The Feral Threesome, but also to the rest of us.

The hotel had left stockings outside every room, filled with a few chocolates.

It’s a nice touch, especially for a small hotel that doesn’t claim to be all flash and fancy and 5 star.

I don’t know who rose first – The Feral Threesome or the #1Grandparents.

#1Pop was bursting to see the kids, and watch them open their gifts.

Of course Miss3 and Miss7 fought over gifts each other received.

Of course Mstr3 can’t understand why he didn’t get a Mermaid Dora or Princess Barbie like his sisters did.

#1Nana and I were at a bit of a loss come 10am.  What do you do if you’re not required to prepare a massive festive feast for Christmas lunch?

At one point it crossed our minds to go see how things were going in the kitchen…before realising that it was not our kitchen and we would not be welcome.

We spent the morning swimming, picking up wrapping paper, and trying to work out how the hell the toys worked.

Christmas lunch was fantastic – exactly as it would be at home, but with a much larger group of people, and enjoyed at the expense of someone else’s time and effort.

Secret Santa’s were revealed.

I gifted #1Nana a travel wine glass – made of BPA free plastic (because I’d hate for her to be exposed to nasty chemicals while boozing) with a removable stem for portability.

I thought it was genius.

She thought it came from the $2 shop.

It didn't.

The satin leopard print clutch carry bag did.


All in all, it was one of the best Christmases ever, closed out with a few Christmas cocktails around the pool, while the kids played with their new toy fish.

Because toy fish don’t crap in water that has to be changed by Mummy, lest I let the kids change it and they attempt to drink the crappy water.


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  1. my best gift was the $2 slightly dented pink "Barbie' Pony that I picked up from the Broadway Swap Meet a few months ago. It has proved more popular than all the expensive 'new' gifts I bought... Hindsight is a bitch..
    Merry Christmas

    Shannon @ Relentless


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