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Monday, August 19, 2013

IGA Onesie : Your chance to win a $250 IGA voucher

I go nuts for a good Onesie.  What could possibly surpass the elastic waistband if not an outfit that has no waistband at all?  Pure genius.

Except this is not that kind of onesie.

I also love a good sponsored post that provides its own copy.

Insert jazz hands and hit the paste button:

IGA have your next grocery bill covered. IGA are giving away 10 x $250 IGA Gift Cards and you could win one by simply sharing a photo.

To enter for your chance to win a $250 IGA Gift Card head into your local IGA and take a photo with the Onesie cutout bear and share the photo on to Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram using the hashtag #IGAonesie. To increase your chances of winning make sure you share it on multiple social networks.

Spring into Action, Like and Follow IGA on (insert social media links), head in-store and share your photo via #IGAonesie.

For full competition terms and conditions please see the following link:

And throw back to me...

So yes this is a sponsored post, but IGA are my local and I do spend quite a lot of time trawling their aisles.

Sadly, they do not sell Onesie's.


They don't sell bears either.

But if you find the bear cut out, go ahead and take your pic with it.

Dry Humping, twirking, planking optional.  Unless you're late night shopping and you've already had your 'sundowner' wine, in which case go nuts and own that Onesie.

Please, no duck faces, no withering emo supermodel poses.  Bonus points (from me and me alone) for the double Onesie - wearing a onesie for your pic with the IGA Onesie.

Entries via photo bombing will earn a fist bump from me.

And whatever you do - don't go to all the effort to Onesie it up, and then forget to Follow IGA and share your awesomeness - because then you would just be that creepy person taking random pics of themselves inside the local IGA....




  1. I was the creepy person filming inside an IGA once. In a Santa Suit. It was for charity so I maintain that it was slightly less creepy than a onesie. And I sought permission because I'm a chicken shit.

  2. Anything in the name of charity is completely respectable AND cool. Even in a onesie. In a supermarket. Or both.

  3. Who won the money? Onesie was taken away, and no-one knows anything any more! Waste of time having my photo taken with it! Another SCAM!!! Angie

    1. Hi Angie
      I'm sorry you feel that way.
      But please understand that I had nothing to do with the competition. I was engaged to write about it to let people know it was on. I was not actually a part of the contest itself.
      If you feel that it was a scam, I suggest you contact IGA and take it up with them.


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