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Monday, September 30, 2013

Pics of WTF? hilarity from Cambodia

I am far too busy lamenting the start of school holidays to blog.

Instead, I bring you a few happy snaps from my recent trip:

This is something I am wishing for right now.

You've gotta love a country where a full 1 litre bottle of top shelf spirits costs less than a 1 litre bottle of soft drink mixer.

As a result, when ordering a gin and tonic in a bar, you will inevitably be served up 3/4 of a glass of gin, with your can of tonic.

There was actually a whole sip more of gin in the glass.  Seeing how full it was, I assumed they'd given me water by mistake and took a liberal sip.

I am considering moving to Cambodia.

But not for the baby foot.


At Equinox you can eat, drink, dance, play pool, listen to music, get your culture on in the art gallery...or you can baby foot.

I'm pretty sure they mean BABY FOOD.  As in they also serve it for anyone game to bring their baby in to a bar/restaurant type establishment that boasts baby foot on their signage.

I can ponder the whole baby foot thing while sweating out the gin and tonic via riding my lady bike.

While pointing at all the men and laughing because they paid twice the rate for their blokey, manly mountain bikes.

Sometimes it pays to be a lady.

1 comment:

  1. I'm wondering if the lady bike is actually a tricycle because we poor females are inferior to the male of the species.


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