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Monday, October 28, 2013

Gifts of WTF?

I've spent the past week trawling the internet for something equal parts awesome, unique, original, useful and downright hilarious for #1Nana's Christmas gift.

I had already bought her a fantastic pair of pricey earrings that I just knew she would love, and so I coughed up far more than I normally would and bought them almost 2 months ago.

I sat back and enjoyed a whole month of basking in the glow of the gloaty comfort that is buying the perfect gift for someone who is impossible to buy for - and doing so three months early.  Nailed it.

Except I didn't quite nail it.

While sitting next to her a couple of weeks ago, I happened to look up at her earrings.

She was wearing the exact same, fairly distinctive and unusual pair I'd bought her.

I couldn't help myself, and mid conversation I shouted out "SON OF A BITCH!"

Turns out I had - in the midst of a Cambodian market, with out beloved jeweller (appropriately named Madame Money) - picked the only other pair of earrings in existence that matched the pair she bought there a couple of years prior....and has been wearing religiously ever since.

Look, I am nothing if not observant.

And so now I'm back on the hunt for the elusive perfect gift.

The gift that says thank you for being my only free babysitter and keep up the good work.

Low and behold, I found multiple options:

The Tikker Death Watch - $59
"How much longer will your tikker tick?"
Nothing says caring daughter as much as giving the gift of allowing her to count down the rest of her days
of babysitting.

Remote Controlled Mop - $29
This one falls under the category of useful gifts that keep on giving.

Not Silly and Totally Practical : Mosquito Net Pants - $30

I just love that even the official product name feels the need to start with "not silly and totally practical".

This is a seriously thoughtful gift.  #1Nana is forever travelling around Asia where Dengue Fever is rife, not to mention the usual suspects here in WA, like Ross River Virus.

Mosquitoes can kill, yo.

Now she can get about looking totally stylish and protected.

Practical, caring, functional gift - right here.

Discreet: Hairbrush Flask - $22

I'm going to guess the genius behind this was clearly a woman.

I salute you.

Frozen Margarita Cologne - $20
"Because it's 5 O'clock somewhere"

Totally relieved it's FROZEN Margarita and not straight shaken Margarita.  Because the winning scent is all in the freezing.  Apparently.

All of this still doesn't equal what I forked out for her earrings.

So I will pocket the difference and treat myself to something, and also this for #1Hubby:

Push-up Bra for Men - $48


I'm so going to pay for this if he ever reads my blog.


  1. Where do you find these treasures? I'm so buying the mosquito net pants for my son's girlfriend. She's THAT person - the one in the crowd that the mozzies always go for and this gift would show me to be the loving, caring future mother-in-law that she'll look after once dementia finally takes hold.

    1. Aren't they awesome!?

      Links to the online stores are at the bottom of each pic. Because I know how popular they'll be and how much everyone will want to buy them.

      Am now considering myself an online shopping guru.

  2. You always manage to find the best things on the internet - I wish I knew where to look !!!
    The remote controlled mop and the hair brush flask are my favourites !!
    Good luck with finding something suitable for #1Nana.
    have the best day !

    1. I reckon I could do a 'twofer' gift - buy the mop and the brush flask. You could sit on the lounge sipping from your hairbrush while driving the mop around the room for you.

  3. Mosquito net pants please! Mozzies love me. But these pins are too sexy to cover up, yo. (Hey, if it's 5 o'clock somewhere, that's true somewhere too!)

    1. I'd really like to see a full body suit. Surely someone has the dressmaking skills to grab a roll of flyscreen material and fashion one.

  4. I need the remote control mop, times 2. The boys of the house would actually DO SOMETHING around here with duelling mops.

    And it goes without saying that I NEED the margie perfume.

    1. OMG I never thought of gifting it to the men - you are a genius. Anything remote controlled gets them sucked in.


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