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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

On vacay

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Am on vacay at the #1Grandparents' house.

Sounds delightfully relaxing, yes?

What it actually means is that I am busy running interference.

So many lollies.

So much fizzy, sugary drink.

All of the chocolates.

Every biscuit ever coated in chocolate and whacked in a packet.

Now I know how Border Security staff feel.

It is exhausting going through every nook and cranny looking for hidden stashes of contraband.

Patting down The Feral Threesome multiple times a day.

Listening for that knowing rustle of lolly wrapper, wedged somewhere in their undies because they are used to emptying their pockets for inspection.

Upon arrival, a few days ago, I was everyone's favourite person - providing the beloved Grandkids for a visit with their equally beloved #1Nana and #1Pop.

Now I am the anti-Christ.

A sugar hating, chocolate confiscating kill joy.

If I fail to blog again, send shovels and the CSI crew to the #1Grandparents' house.

I will likely be buried next to the cat.

He got a cross (doubt I will), so I shouldn't be too hard to locate.

I don't anticipate any resistance from the murderous traitors, as they'll all be in sugar comas.

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  1. I can understand why the Grandparents are so beloved. And probably by the whole sugar industry as well.

    1. Pretty sure they're propping up Cadbury's Australian operations almost entirely on their own.


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