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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


YOLO is one of those wanky expressions that I've never really paid much mind to.

You Only Live shit.

IMHO (because I'm all about the cool acronyms the young ones like to use, yo), YOLO gets pulled out as an excuse.

Do something stupid?  Well, YOLO.  Which totally explains it and makes it ok.

YOLO had quietly faded into the distance like a Miss Universe contestant who didn't make the final cut.  I haven't heard anyone say it for at least a year or more...which totally makes it a retro saying now being recycled, and I've heard it used twice this week.

Which really irritated me (enough to write a blog post, because....YOLO).

Then I remembered this far superior piss-take of the whole YOLO thing, thanks to the Saturday Night Live crew who can find a way to take the piss out of anything.

And, hello....ADAM LEVINE.

Pretty and talented.

You Oughta Look Out because You Only Live Once.

Yes, I went the double YOLO.

Insert jazz hands....


  1. every time I see the word YOLO, it reminds me of Yogo and then I want chocolate pudding.

    And we never have any chocolate pudding so therefore the word YOLO makes me extremely angry.

    1. Go get you some Yogo, because YOLO.

      I too am thinking I am a wanker as I type this, don't worry.


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