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Monday, July 14, 2014

An overnight vacay of sorts

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When life gives you lemons (taking Miss8 to hospital to have her tonsils out), you make lemonade - 

What I did to pass the time while in hospital with Miss8 :

Ordered all of the things on the menus that had been laid out for the next 24 hours worth of meals

There were a couple of tough calls, choosing between roast beef and chicken korma, Tiramisu and apple pie with custard.

On both counts I went with what I would be least likely to cook for myself at home, given the required effort and ingredients.


Hot food.  Slowly.  Didn't have to shout or referee. 

I did lose my lunch to a ravenous post-op Miss8 (she thoughtfully left me the vegetables and water), but I got her back when afternoon tea rolled around and there were the most delicious mini vegetarian sausage roll things.  I told her they were full of her much loathed mushrooms, spinach and chili, and then offered to eat hers for her.  She thanked me.  Heh.

May or may not have text #1Hubby instructing him to bring wine when he came to visit.  Having decided on the beef for dinner, it was only fitting to accompany it with a drop of red.  From a plastic water bottle (he bought the 500ml bottle, full - love that man) hidden behind my bag.

It's not like I needed to have all of my wits about me - multiple other people were looking after Miss8, and no need to be capable of driving if anything happened to anyone, because we were already at the hospital.  Winning!

Booked a girls' trip to Bali

While muttering random words of distracted motherly support to my post-op child.

Read a magazine

Cover to cover, without anyone ripping pages out or drawing over it.

Drank coffee

Lots of it.  Hot coffee.  Uninterrupted.

Watched TV

Lots of it.  Uninterrupted.

Until Miss8 whined about the lack of Cartoon Network viewing, and I had to reluctantly hand over the remote control on account of her cunningly timing her whining while the nurse was in the room, looking at me with raised disapproving eyebrows.  Now I will never know who Hope chooses - Liam or Wyatt or her half brother from another mother (I have no idea...).

Enjoyed some one-on-one time with Miss8

Because she wouldn't go to sleep.  Despite my concerned parental requests for some medication to help make that happen.

So instead we planned her birthday party.  I'm hoping she was at least partially medicated through most of the discussions, as I have absolutely no intention of making good on a large portion of the planned celebrations.

It was, overall, quite a pleasant night away for me

Except for the part where I found out that my comfortable recliner chair did not actually recline come night time.

Or when, upon being shown to our room, the nurse asked if she could get us anything and I demanded to see Dr Ross.  She looked at me blankly and said there was no Dr Ross at that hospital.  I'm not sure what was more disappointing - my witty half joke re: George Clooney bombing, or the fact that she had never seen ER.

The biggest stress was actually when #1Hubby came to visit after the Twin Tornado finished school.  Miss5 took one look at the set up and immediately started with the indignant whining:

When do I get to come and stay at the hotel?

When can I have my own room?

When can I have my own TV?

When can I have icy poles?

When can I have my tonsils out?

Very soon if you don't STFU.....

Miss8 loved being fussed over, and I wouldn't be surprised if she claims her tonsils have grown back and need to be removed again the next time she's bored or fed up and wants a mini vacay.

But only if Miss5 doesn't get in first.


  1. Hospital food's come a long way since I was last there (20 odd years ago giving birth). Chicken Korma? Sausage rolls? All we got was sloppy who-knows-what and cold toast.

  2. It was a bit like that when my 4yo had his surgery, well except he was very sick and in heaps of pain, but towards the end of his stay I got some peace with just one baby to look after. No cooking, shouting, cleaning - it was DIVINE!
    Jelly about Bali trip


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