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Monday, May 2, 2016 on a tangent of outrage and vindication

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You guys.

Last night I was all WOOHOO because we're off on our cruise this morning.

I was full of anticipation and much excitement.

Until #1Hubby spoke to my Mother in Law.

#1Hubby and I have long had an ongoing feud over who was responsible for the Twin Tornado.

He claims to have no history of twins in his family.

As did I, except my Grandmother on my Mum's side was adopted, and we don't actually know anything of her family history.

So it's fair to say that ever single time the twins fail to display any sort of twin bond (ALL THE TIME), #1Hubby gives me a look that says WELL DONE, GOOD GENES, HAD TO CREATE TWINS, DIDN'T YOU....

And I shoot him back a death stare plus 2 finger salute, and by the time our silent debate is over, the twins are usually happily playing together again.

Passive parenting.  That's what I'm calling it.


So anyway, last night, packing and preparation has been completed.

I was enjoying a bubbly beverage in the bath to slip in to cruise ship mode.

#1Hubby calls his Mum for Mother's Day, since we won't be able to call on Sunday.

Then I listen as they go off on some tangent, and suddenly twins comes up.

Those that have come from more than one relative on HIS side.

Son of a.....

HE is responsible for the two-fer.

Not me.

HIS genes.

I was like a giant, sopping wet yeti springing from the bath the second he put the phone down.

I've warned him that the on-board duty free better have something pretty and sparkling come Mother's Day, because clearly I deserve it for putting up with his bloody multiple birthing genes providing me with a total of 3 kids when I was expecting 2.

I mean, obviously they're awesome and I love them and wouldn't swap them etc etc.

But still....I feel vindicated - it wasn't my fault.

And also wish I'd thought to do this....even though mine are not identical:

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Now I am off to turf half of #1Hubby's two dozen pairs of shorts out of the suitcase, to make myself feel better before the taxi arrives to take us to the ship.


  1. So he was carrying 'the embryo must duplicate' swimmers all the time! Three children - when you expected to stop at two - must have been quite a shock.

    I've just found your blog and enjoyed reading a couple of your stories, so I've joined up.

    Enjoy your cruise.

  2. Found your blog through WooogsWorld. I hope your cruise is well tanked ;) and I look forward to reading more of your hilarity!

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